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The Research Center and Demonstration Orchard

The Research Center and Demonstration Orchard has been a cooperative effort between University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and University of Nevada, Las Vegas for over 20 years. The main emphasis has always been on water conservation in the Mojave Desert. From the very beginning, deciduous fruit trees, wine and table grapes, and various kinds of vegetables have been grown and tested for their ability to survive and produce under desert conditions.

The Research Center and Demonstration Orchard is located at 4600 Horse Drive, North Las Vegas and contains over 800 fruit trees and grape vines, vegetables and other row crops. The goal of this facility is to research new varieties of fruit producing trees, vines and other plant materials in sustainable ways. It is also a place where hands-on training/teaching opportunities can be held for home owners and commercial clientele.

In recent years, test areas of hops and drought tolerant wine grape root stocks have been added. The facility is maintained with the help of Master Gardeners and community volunteers. Throughout the year, hands-on classes are taught to the public. These classes vary from hands-on pruning of fruit trees and grape vines, picking the right fruit tree, irrigation, water conservation through organic mulching and compost making, etc. The fruits and vegetables produced are obtained by commercial chefs for testing with excess given to charitable organizations for feeding the hungry. The Center is open to the public Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 8 to 12 except for major holidays. For more information contact the Master Gardener Help Desk at 702-257-5555.