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Community Development Publications

Cooperative Extension works with communities to help develop and diversify economics, enhance tourism and obtain needed services and facilities.

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Title Author Number
2005 Household Survey Results for Colorado River CommunitiesBorden, Gumbles, LopezSP-05-22
2005 Trends in Nonemployer Statistics in NevadaPrice, HarrisFS-08-13
2007 Caliente Community Visioning SurveyBorden, GatzkeSP-08-18
2007 Trends in Nonemployer Statistics in NevadaMontBlanc, Harris, PriceFS-09-34
2011 Results of Community Needs Survey Southern Clark CountyMarcussonSP-11-11
4-H Teen CERT: An Evaluation of a Two-Day Nevada TrainingPowell, Smith, BlackFS-11-50
4-H Teen CERT: Involving Youth in Community Emergency Response TeamsPowell, Smith, BlackFS-11-49
A Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy: Assessing Current Conditions in Lander, Eureka and White Pine CountiesSteinmannFS-12-14
A New Paradigm for Educating Future Planners in Nevada: A Perspective From the FieldSteinmann, HarperSP-14-04
Accepting the Program Evaluation Challenge: Educational Content for Professional DevelopmentEvans, Burton, Byington, Fernandez, Lewis, Robinson, Schultz, Sigman-Grant, Singletary, M. Smith, Thain, WeigelIP-09-01
Aging Statistics in NevadaPowellFS-07-06
Alert, Evacuate and Shelter BrochurePowellSP-07-01
Amargosa Farm Road Solar Energy Project - Socioeconomic ImpactsBorden, Evans, HarrisSP-10-15
An Assessment of Educational Needs in Northern Nye CountySuverly, SingletaryFS-02-60
An Assessment of Headline Issues in Pershing CountyBreazealeFS-06-18
An Assessment of Public Issues in Lyon CountySingletaryFS-02-35
An Assessment of the Educational Program Needs of Livestock Producers in Northeastern NevadaTorellFS-02-01
An Evaluation of the Nevada Nov. 18, 2013 Unmanned Autonomous Systems Development WorkshopSteinmannFS-14-01
Analysis of Economic Base for Lyon CountySingletary, McArthur, HarrisFS-99-01
Anonymous Brainstorming TechniqueRebori, HavercampFS-03-09
Applying Research to Community EducationA. GoodSP-01-10
Attracting Vendors and Customers to Rural Farmers MarketsMeierFS-09-18
Before Applying for a Federal GrantBishopFS-17-11
Business Capabilities and Resources in Lincoln County - Opportunities in New DevelopmentsGatzke, SanacoreSP-06-19
Carson City: What Do You Think? 2007 Community AssessmentSkelly, Carignan, ChristiansenEB-08-01
Churchill County - What do you think?PowellSP-04-15
Citizen Advisory Board Member Profile Washoe County, NVReboriSP-00-17
Citizen Advisory Board Officer’s Meeting TicklerReboriSP-07-19
Clark County Department of Juvenile Justice Services Incarcerated Youth Facility Comparison Report Dec 2003Brown, Killian, Evans, LetnerSP-03-13
Clark County Family and Youth Services and Juvenile Justice Services Incarcerated Youth ReportBrown, Killian, Evans, LetnerSP-03-05
Clark County Senior Forum 2000 - A Report to the Commission August 1, 2000CollinsSP-00-15
Colorado River Region Targeted Economic Development Analysis: A Community Business Matching Model ApproachBorden, Harris, Alevy, GrumblesSP-08-19
Communicating with Residents in Lincoln County, NevadaGatzkeFS-06-86
Community and Organizational DevelopmentReboriFS-00-32
Community Assets and Quality of Life in Lyon County: Results of a Community Situational AnalysisSingletaryFS-05-12
Community Based Education for Rural NevadansA. GoodSP-01-05
Community Based Education for Southern NevadansA. GoodSP-01-07
Community Based Education for Western NevadansA. GoodSP-01-06
Community Business Matching Model: An Innovative Approach to Targeted Industry Economic DevelopmentBorden, HarrisFS-10-65
Community Leader’s GuideRebori, S. Lewis, Miller, DahlenEB-01-03
Community Leadership Essentials for Nevada Communities Series OneMarlene K. ReboriFS-06-59
Community Leadership Essentials for Nevada Communities Series TwoMarlene K. ReboriFS-06-60
Community Needs and Quality of Life in Lyon County: Results of a Community Situational AnalysisSingletaryFS-05-13
Community Needs and Views in Lincoln County, NevadaGatzkeFS-06-87
Community Needs Assessment and Quality of Life Analysis, Clark County - 2009Ukeiley, GallionSP-09-13
Community Needs Assessment: Douglas County 2002S. LewisSP-03-11
Community Participation and Local Government SurveyM. ReboriSP-03-12
Community Quality of Life SurveySingletary, Clinehans, GoodyearSP-03-08
Community Visioning and Living Action Planning Process (CVLAPP)Havercamp, PolzinSP-05-24
Commuting Patterns in the State of NevadaSendall, Harris, SingletaryFS-08-34
Complex 2030 Proposal Estimated Economic Impacts on Northern Nye and Esmeralda CountiesBorden, Harris, Fadali, MeierSP-08-15
Computer Softwave Y2K Problems and ComplianceBorden, DardenFS-99-55
Conducting a Formal Needs Assessment: A Five-Step Survey ApproachSingletary, PowellFS-03-48
Conducting Community Situational Analyses: A Field Guide to Dynamic Extension ProgrammingSingletary, Borden, Breazeale, Lewis, Powell, Ford-Publicover, M. SmithEB-04-02
Conflict Management Skills Community Board Development : Series 2ReboriFS-98-53
Creating a Market for Locally Produced and Locally Consumed Food in NevadaSteinmannFS-13-04
Data for Nevada Counties: Lincoln County, NevadaBorden, GatzkeFS-07-35
Decision-Making Styles and Techniques Community Board Development : Series 5ReboriFS-98-56
Demographic Indicators for Nevada EldersFadali, HarrisFS-09-19
Developing Farmers’ Market VolunteersMeierFS-08-48
Development of a Cottage Food Industry in Nevada — A Legislative PerspectiveSteinmannSP-14-01
Duckwater Shoshone Indian Reservation Agriculture and Natural Resource Focus Group Session ResultsBreazeale, S. Lewis, EmmFS-02-44
Economic and Environmental Priorities of Walker River Basin LandownersCurtis, Emm, EntsmingerFS-08-20
Economic Assessment Tools in Rural NevadaSteinmannSP-13-03
Economic Impacts from the Effects of Invasive Weeds on Outdoor Recreation: An Input-Output ModelEiswerth, Johnson, Agapoff, Darden, HarrisSP-05-06
Economic Indicators for Nevada EldersFadali, Yolyan, HarrisFS-09-10
Embedded Systems and Y2KBorden, DardenFS-99-57
Estimating Supply and Demand in Your Local Housing Market: A Housing Gap AnalysisHarris, DavisFS-10-03
Eureka County Needs Assessment: Top Ten Identified IssuesMcCuin, Smith, SchultzFS-09-42
Fallon Paiute-Shoshone Tribe Youth-At-Risk Needs AssessmentBreazealeFS-00-16
Family & Youth Needs in Lincoln County, NevadaGatzkeFS-06-85
Family and Youth Services Detention Survey: A Report of 2001 FindingsLetner, R. Brown, Killian, EvansSP-02-01
Fiscal Structures and Trends for Colorado River CommunitiesBorden, Lopez, GrumblesSP-06-13
Focus on Interests: Conflict and CollaborationSingletaryFS-98-03
Friends, Fall 2010Sloan, Mills, ChurchIP-10-02
Friends, Summer 2009SloanIP-09-03
Funding Economic Development in Nevada: General Improvement DistrictsSteinmannFS-13-32
Funding Economic Development in Nevada: RedevelopmentSteinmannFS-13-29
Funding Economic Development in Nevada: Special Assessment DistrictsSteinmannFS-13-33
Funding Economic Development in Nevada: Tax Increment AreasSteinmannFS-13-30
Funding Economic Development in Nevada: Tourism Improvement DistrictsSteinmannFS-13-31
Future Demand for Education and Training in Nevada and the United States: 2004-2014Price, HarrisFS-08-02
Goal Setting and Action Planning Skills Community Board Development : Series 4ReboriFS-98-55
Growing up in Las VegasKock, PattieshawCM-05-03
Growing up in Las Vegas - Activity BookKock, PattieshawCM-05-04
Helping the Nevada economy: How Cooperative Extension programs create jobs, spark investmentSloanIP-11-04
Highest and Lowest Paying Occupations in Nevada, 2006Price, HarrisFS-07-51
High-Speed Telecommunications: Infrastructure Growth and Market Penetration throughout Nevada and the NationColton, Harris, WhitacreFS-10-08
Historical Patterns of Population Growth and Change for Eureka CountyHarris, Hardcastle, RiggsFS-01-12
Horticulture Opportunities in Lincoln County, NevadaGatzkeSP-07-17
Household Expenditure Survey ResultsBorden, Lopez, GrumblesSP-06-14
How To Organize And Run Effective MeetingsReboriFS-97-29
How to plan for Y2KBorden, DardenFS-99-58
Humboldt County Needs Assessment: Community Development and Urban HorticultureSchultzSP-04-19
Humboldt County Needs Assessment: Crop ProductionSchultzFS-03-55
Humboldt County Needs Assessment: Livestock ProductionSchultzFS-03-56
Humboldt County Needs Assessment: YouthSchultzFS-03-57
Idea Listing TechniqueRebori, HavercampFS-03-47
Identifying a Public Issue: Working with the Facts and ValuesSingletaryFS-98-02
Identifying Priority Rural Extension Outreach Needs: How Many Responses Do I Need from My Survey?Smith, HillFS-11-48
Importance of Economic MultipliersRiggs, Harris, Curtis, BordenSP-04-59
Input/Output Methodology and Regional ModelBorden, GrumblesSP-06-15
Interactive Video for Distance EducationSkellyFS-00-28
Inter-County Community Patterns in Lincoln CountySendall, Harris, Gatzke, SingletaryFS-08-25
Inter-County Commuting Patterns in Elko County: Implications for Elko County’s EconomySendall, Harris, SingletaryFS-08-31
Inter-County Commuting Patterns in Eureka County: Implications for Eureka County’s EconomySendall, Harris, McCuin, SingletaryFS-08-33
Inter-County Commuting Patterns in Lyon County: Implications for Lyon County’s EconomySendall, Harris, SingletaryFS-08-09
Issues that Affect Youth Quality of Life in Lyon County: Results of a Community Situational AnalysisSingletaryFS-05-05
Lander County Needs Assessment - Part 1R. DavisFS-03-02
Lander County Needs Assessment - Part 2R. DavisFS-03-03
Lander County Voters Describe Their CommunitiesDavis, SmithFS-14-13
Little Free Libraries in Nevada: What, Why, and HowRebori, Burge, Bender, PowelFS-15-09
Lovelock Paiute Tribe Youth at Risk Needs AssessmentBreazealeFS-00-12
Lyon County Needs AssessmentSingletaryFS-00-33
MAGIC (Making a Group and Individual Commitment)M. SmithFS-00-31
Making the Best Better: An Action Plan to Strengthen Lyon County 4-HBeaton, Conlin, Singletary, M. SmithFS-05-06
Meeting the Challenges of VideoconferencingLathamFS-00-43
Mesquite Business Retention and Expansion Survey ResultsBorden, Crites, HarrisSP-08-17
Mineral County Assets and Development NeedsEmm, Hagen, BerginnisFS-17-17
Mineral County Needs Assessment: Community DevelopmentS. EmmFS-04-61
Mineral County Needs Assessment: Community Needs and IssuesS. EmmFS-04-50
Mineral County Needs Assessment: Youth DevelopmentS. EmmFS-04-62
Mineral County Youth IssuesEmm, Berginnis, HagenFS-17-18
Moapa Community Strategic Planning Survey Results: Issue IdentificationBorden, Crites, LopezEB-01-02
Moapa Valley Youth Perceptions of Community IssuesBishopSP-11-08
Motivating Reasons for Community ParticipationReboriFS-05-53
Motivating VolunteersSkellyFS-00-30
Needs Assessment Results of Lincoln County, NevadaH. RaskSP-05-21
Nevada Processed Food Guide: Frozen ProduceGatzke,West, Allen, EmmSP-16-07
Nevada Processed Food Guide: Refrigerated Cut ProduceGatzke,West, Allen, EmmSP-16-06
Nevada Sage Grouse Conservation Planning Facilitation StudyRyan, Lewis, Schultz, Buk, Rebori, Havercamp, Davis, Swanson, EmmSP-06-03
Nevada’s Gasoline Consumption and Its Future ImpactsSendall, Harris, KilkennyFS-09-01
Nevada’s Open Meeting Law — An OutlineSteinmann, ShipmanFS-14-02
Nevada's Renewable Energy Resources: BiomassRiggs, Curtis, BreazealeSP-04-69
Nevada's Renewable Energy Resources: GeothermalRiggs, Curtis, BreazealeSP-04-70
Nominal Group Technique (NGT)Rebori, HavercampFS-03-21
Northern Nye & Esmeralda Counties: Community Situational AnalysisMeierFS-07-27
Partnering in Community Education - 2004 Program HighlightsGood, Ming, WhartonSP-04-07
Partnering in Community Education - 2004 Program Highlights BrochureA. GoodSP-04-08
Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) to Nevada Counties in 1999: Eureka CountyHarris, RIggs, ZimmermanFS-01-31
Pershing County Needs AssessmentBreazealeFS-99-29
Policy Education and Civic Engagement (PEACE)Rebori, ButlerCM-07-04
Principles of Smart-Growth Development — An Overview and a Nevada PerspectiveSteinmann, HarperFS-14-03
Prioritizing Educational Needs in Nye and Esmeralda Counties: Identifying Extension Program OpportunitiesBelongaSP-13-08
Problem Solving Techniques Community Board Development : Series 3ReboriFS-98-54
Profile for Lincoln County, Nevada - January 2004Borden, HarrisFS-04-28
Profile of Customers in Southern Lincoln County, NevadaGatzkeFS-07-38
Public Lands in the State of Nevada: An OverviewHarris, Riggs, ZimmermanFS-01-32
Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation Agriculture and Natural Resources Focus Group Session ResultsS. Lewis, Breazeale, EmmFS-02-45
Report to Community on Volunteer Forum: Elko, Nev.Rebori, Bakerm WrightSp-16-09
Report to Community on Volunteer Forum: Fallon, Nev.Rebori, Powell, WrightSP-16-08
Report to Community on Volunteer Forum: Las Vegas, Nev.Rebori, WrightSP-16-10
Report to Community on Volunteer Forum: Mesquite, Nev.Rebori, WrightSP-16-11
Report to Community on Volunteer Forum: Reno, Nev.Rebori, WrightSP-16-12
Report to Community on Volunteer Forum: Tonopah, Nev.Rebori, WrightSP-16-13
Resident Perceptions of Issues Facing Northeast Clark County, NVBishopSP-10-13
Results of 1999 Community Needs SurveyD. HollowaySP-99-02
Results of a 2013 Churchill County Needs AssessmentPowell, EvansSP-14-12
Results of a Mailed Survey: Priorities for Elko CountyTingey, Smith, SingletarySP-12-02
Results of a Mailed Survey: Priorities for Lamoille and Spring CreekTingey, Smith, SingletarySP-13-05
Results of a Mailed Survey: Priorities for the City of Elko and Surrounding CommunitiesTingey, Smith, SingletarySP-13-01
Results of a Mailed Survey: Priorities for Wells, NevadaBaker-Tingey, Smith, SingletarySP-14-11
Results of Community Needs Survey Logandale, Moapa and Overton, NVCritesSP-99-09
Results of Community Needs Survey Mesquite and Bunkerville, NVCritesSP-99-08
Results of the Hotel/Motel Survey Conducted in Lincoln County between July 1999 and December 1999HollowayFS-00-18
Results of the July to December1999 Tourism Survey for Lincoln County, NevadaHollowaySP-00-09
REVERSE 911 Community Alert System for Douglas CountyLewis, Cobourn, WhartonFS-03-52
Session Purpose A Series of Fact Sheets on Effective Group FacilitationS. Lewis, HavercampFS-06-74
Social & Economic Characteristics for Colorado River CommunitiesBorden, Gumbles, LopezSP-05-23
Some Ways Sensors and Intuitives Can Accept, Respect and Embrace Human DifferencesGeoffrey K. LeighFS-06-99
Southern Developments in Lincoln County - Opportunities for BusinessGatzke, SanacoreSP-06-20
Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act of 1997Espey, Gregory, BordenFS-98-43
Speaking with Confidence - A teaching guide to improve public speaking in youthS. LewisCM-00-08
Starting a Baked Goods Business in NevadaWest, Gatzke, Allen, EmmSP-14-15
Starting a Dried Fruit and Herb Business in NevadaWest, Gatzke, Allen, EmmSP-15-01
Starting a Horticultural Business: Primary ConsiderationsGatzke, CurtisFS-08-43
Starting a Jams, Jellies and Preserves Business in NevadaWest, Gatzke, Allen, EmmSP-15-02
State Comparison of Payments in Lieu of Taxes for 1999Harris, Riggs, ZimmermanFS-02-03
Summary of a Biochar Demonstration and Its Potential Application in NevadaSteinmann, Davis, UrbanowitzFS-14-04
System Computing Service and Interactive VideoR. DavisSP-04-20
Techniques for Inspiring Hope in GroupsHavercamp, S. LewisFS-06-75
Techniques that Foster Collaborative GroupsReboriFS-00-25
Testing Computer Hardware for Y2K ComplianceBorden, DardenFS-99-56
The Carson River’s New Regional Floodplain Management Plan: What’s it all about?Cobourn, Lewis, SkellyFS-09-20
The Effectiveness of Citizen Advisory Boards (CABs) in Washoe County, NevadaReboriEB-05-03
The Great Basin Basket Company: A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Success Story in NevadaDavison, Lattin, LouhelaFS-11-75
The Impacts of Increasing Fuel Costs on Nevada’s Agricultural EnterprisesCurtis, BishopFS-08-37
The Lander County Sustainable Development Committee — Transforming a CommunitySteinmann, DavisSP-14-06
The Marketing ToolboxSkelly, WeberFS-01-37
The Scientific MethodO'Callaghan, RyanFS-02-66
The USC Schwarzenegger Institute — Bipartisan Solutions to Local and Global IssuesSteinmannFS-13-28
Time and Meeting Management Skills Community Board Development : No.1ReboriFS-98-52
Tips for a Successful Federal Grant ProposalBishopFS-17-12
Tourism Impacts 2004Borden, GrumblesSP-06-16
Tourism Potential in Lincoln County, NevadaGatzkeSP-07-16
Trends in the Mining Industry State of Nevada and Eureka CountyHarris, Dobra, RiggsFS-99-36
Understanding Nevada’s Fiscal System: Taxes on Patented Mines and Proceeds of MineralsSteinmannFS-13-34
University Collaborations Benefit NevadansGoodSP-05-02
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2002 Annual ReportGood, Ming, WhartonSP-02-03
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2002 Annual Report: Rural AreasGood, Ming, WhartonSP-02-04
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2002 Annual Report: Southern AreaGood, Ming, WhartonSP-02-06
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2002 Annual Report: Western AreaGood, Ming, WhartonSP-02-05
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2003 Program HighlightsA. GoodSP-03-04
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2005 Program HighlightsA. GoodSP-05-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2006 Program HighlightsFord, Ming, WhartonSP-06-07
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2007 Program HighlightsFord, Ming, WhartonSP-07-04
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2008 Program HighlightsMing, Ranson, Schmidt, WhartonSP-08-05
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2009 Program HighlightsGood, Sloan, Ming, Trent, Toth, MillsIP-09-04
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2010 Program HighlightsSloan, Mills, Ming, ChurchIP-10-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2011 Program HighlightsSloan, Ming, Mills, ChurchIP-11-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2012 Program HighlightsSloan, Ming, Mills, ChurchIP-12-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2013 Program HighlightsWharton, MingIP-13-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2014 Program HighlightsWharton, Ming, KozsanIP-14-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2015 Program HighlightsWharton, Ming, KozsanIP-15-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2016 Program HighlightsWharton, Ming, KozsanIP-16-02
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2017 Program HighlightsWharton, KozsanIP-17-01
Visualizing and Verbalizing Questions and InstructionsS. Lewis, HavercampFS-06-76
Volunteer and Non-Medical Personnel Involvement In a Community-Based ClinicPowell, M. SmithFS-03-53
Walker River Basin Advisory Committee Project: Evaluation of a Collaborative ProcessSingletaryFS-01-24
Walker River Basin Research Study: Attitudes toward Walker LakeEmm, Breazeale, E. SmithFS-05-37
Walker River Basin Research Study: Characteristics of Water Right OwnersEmm, Breazeale, M.SmithSP-04-60
Walker River Indian Reservation: Community Needs and IssuesEmmFS-06-62
Walker River Indian Reservation: Quality of Life & Community DemographicsEmmFS-06-64
Walker River Indian Reservation: Youth DevelopmentEmmFS-06-63
Western Area Community Assessment Results: Participation and Civic HealthMarlene K. ReboriEB-04-04
What you should know about fundraising from large funding sourcesVan PeltFS-98-27
Working Effectively with American Indian Populations: Contracting and CompactingEmm, SingletaryFS-10-14
Working Effectively with American Indian Populations: Gaining PerspectivesEmm, SingletaryFS-10-09
Working Effectively with American Indian Populations: Indian Water RightsEmm, SingletaryFS-10-13
Working Effectively with American Indian Populations: Tribal GovernanceEmm, SingletaryFS-10-10
Y2K What is it?Borden, DardenFS-99-54
Yard and Home Finishing Work for Southern Lincoln County, NevadaGatzkeSP-07-13
Young Volunteers: The Benefits of Community ServiceLathamFS-03-23
Youth Development in Lyon County: A Needs AssessmentLucas, SingletarySP-13-10
Youth Leadership Challenge and OpportunityEric KillianFS-06-89

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