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Agriculture Publications

Cooperative Extension develops educational and research programs to enhance ranch and farm profitability, as well as promote good stewardship, sustainability of water resources and rangelands, containment of noxious weeds and resolution of public and private land disputes.

320 matching publications found.

Title Author Number
Conversions for Commonly Used Weights and MeasuresTorell, ZollingerCL-1280
Methods of Determining Age of CattleTorell, Bruce, Conley, KvasnickaCL-712
The Beef Cow Mammary SystemTorell, PawelekCL-734
Time of Weaning and Cow ConditionWhittier, Toreland BruceCL-747
Frame Scores and Feeder Cattle GradesDansie, Bruce, TorellCL-775
Care of Hypothermic (Cold Stressed) Newborn Beef CalvesTorell, Bruce, Conley, KvasnickaCL-788
Youth Land and Home Site Judging in NevadaH. Gatzke, J. Gatzke, HollowayCM-08-08
People of the Land: Sustaining American Indian Agriculture in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and WashingtonEmm, SingletaryCM-09-01
Evaluating Alternative Low-Water-Use Crops for the Great BasinBishop, Curtis, EmmCM-10-03
American Indian Farmer and Rancher Outreach and Assistance Improvement ProjectEmm, Lewis, Singletary, Brummer, Hebb, FrasierCM-12-06
People of the Land: Sustaining Agriculture on the Hopi ReservationSingletary, Emm, Loma’omvaya, Clark, Livingston, Johnson, OdenCM-14-02
Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP): Risk Mitigation in Edible Horticultural Production SystemsUrbanowitz, BishopCM-15-01
Small Ranch Project GuideDonaldson, Swanson, Carlos, BowersEB-00-02
Intermountain Pasture and Hay Meadow Handbook: Pasture, Hay and ProfitKettle, Riggs, J. Davison, Torell, Bruce, Glimp, R. Wilson, McAdoo, Neufeld, Kvasnicka, Donaldson, SwansonEB-00-03
Farm and Rangeland Water Quality ManagementSingletary, J. DavisonEB-03-01
Nevada Agriculture Producer Research and Education Needs: Results of 2006Singletary, M. SmithEB-06-02
Ranchers’ Monitoring GuidePerryman, Bruce, Tueller, SwansonEB-06-04
Livestock Grazing Guidelines for Controlling Noxious Weeds in the Western United StatesDavison, E. Smith, L. WilsonEB-06-05
Heifer Development: The Key to a Profitable Cow HerdTorell, Veserat, Kvasnicka, Conley, Krysil, BruceEB-95-01
Small Ranch Manual - A Guide to Management for Green Pastures and Clean WaterCobourn, DonaldsonEB-95-02
Survey of Compensation and Benefits Packages Among Nevada Cattle Ranch EmployeesBreazeale, TorellFS-00-02
Care Of The Geriatric HorseCirelliFS-00-09
Warning! Using Farm Pesticides for Indoor Pest Control is Dangerous!Johnson, MosesFS-00-21
Can Shade Structures Reduce the Amount of time Cattle Spend in Riparian Areas?J. DavisonFS-00-22
Horse Related Injuries In NevadaCirelli, Cloud, Chvilicek, MangumFS-00-23
1998 - 1999 Pershing County Agricultural StatisticsBreazeale, OwensFS-00-24
You Can Help Fight the War on Invasive Weeds in Southern NevadaCrites, Holloway, JohnsonFS-00-27
Lyon County Needs AssessmentSingletaryFS-00-33
Economic Development: 1999 Lander County Agricultural StatisticsRiggs, OwenFS-00-38
Economic Development: 1999 Eureka County Agricultural StatisticsRiggs, OwenFS-00-39
Economic Development: 1999 Elko County Agricultural StatisticsRiggs, OwenFS-00-41
Yellow Starthistle is Invading Nevada!JohnsonFS-01-02
Arsenic in Drinking Water: Issues Associated with Revising the Standard.Montecinos, WalkerFS-01-08
Cow-Calf Costs and Returns for Elko County, NevadaDarden, Riggs, Torell, MyerFS-01-19
1999 - 2000 Pershing County Agricultural StatisticsBreazealeFS-01-23
Freeze Branding Ranch AnimalsTorrell, RiggsFS-01-25
Retirement Planning for Farmers and RanchersBreazealeFS-01-28
Malting Barley in NevadaJ. Davison, Schultz, WidamanFS-01-47
Anthrax: A Guide for Livestock ProducersSuverly, Kvasnicka, TorellFS-01-79
Economic Development 2000 Elko County Agricultural StatisticsRiggs, OwenFS-01-81
Economic Development 2000 Eureka County Agricultural StatisticsRiggs, OwenFS-01-82
Economic Development 2000 Lander County Agricultural StatisticsRiggs, OwenFS-01-83
Economic Development 2000 White Pine County Agricultural StatisticsRiggs, OwenFS-01-84
An Assessment of the Educational Program Needs of Livestock Producers in Northeastern NevadaTorellFS-02-01
2000 - 2001 Pershing County Agricultural StatisticsBreazeale, OwensFS-02-04
Northern Nye County Agricultural/Natural Resource Needs AssessmentSuverlyFS-02-20
2000-2001 Nye County Agricultural StatisticsSuverlyFS-02-21
2000-2001 Esmeralda County Agricultural StatisticsSuverlyFS-02-22
The Potential for Soybean Production In Western NevadaJ. DavisonFS-02-53
Evaluating the Potential of an Alternative CropDavisonFS-02-54
Reproductive Management of Beef Cows: 48-Hour Calf RemovalSuverly, Torell, Riggs, Schultz, BruceFS-02-59
Scentless Chamomile: Taxonomy, Ecology, and ControlSchultz, J. DavisonFS-02-85
4-H Livestock Tours: A Youth Development and Livestock Production Information ToolTorell, M. Smith, FisherFS-03-01
Inspection and Management of Harmful Structural MoldsLawrence, JohnsonFS-03-08
How to Teach Soil JudgingHollowayFS-03-24
Economic Development 2002 Elko County Agricultural StatisticsRiggs, OwenFS-03-61
Economic Development 2002 Eureka County Agricultural StatisticsRiggs, OwenFS-03-62
Economic Development 2002 White Pine County Agricultural StatisticsRiggs, OwenFS-03-64
Nevada Market Lamb Carcass Merit ProgramTorell, SuverlyFS-04-02
Nevada Market Beef Carcass Merit ProgramTorell, SuverlyFS-04-03
Nevada 4-H Market Swine Carcass Merit ProgramRiggsFS-04-04
Managing Spotted KnapweedGraham, JohnsonFS-04-39
2002 - 2003 Pershing County Agricultural StatisticsBreazeale, OwensFS-04-40
Tef Demonstration Planting Results for 2003J. Davison, McKnightFS-04-51
Nevada's Renewable Energy Resources: BiomassRiggs, Curtis, BreazealeFS-04-69
Nevada's Renewable Energy Resources: GeothermalRiggs, Curtis, BreazealeFS-04-70
Testing Seaberry as an Alternative Crop in NevadaJ. Davison, RiggsFS-04-75
An Overview of Water Scarcity and Water Market Development Water Issues Education Series — No. 5SingletaryFS-05-23
Collaborative Approaches and Communication Skills for Addressing Water Disputes Water Issues Education Series — No. 6SingletaryFS-05-24
Tef Demonstration Planting Results for 2004Davison, PeradoFS-05-28
A Homeowner's Guide to CheatgrassDavison, E. SmithFS-05-29
Adding Value to Agriculture: Branding and CertificationCowee, CurtisFS-05-30
Cooperatives: A Vehicle for Cost Sharing and ExpansionSlocum, CurtisFS-05-31
Niche Marketing Opportunities for Nevada AgricultureCowee, CurtisFS-05-32
Value-Added Opportunities for Nevada AgricultureCurtis, CoweeFS-05-33
Business and Marketing Plans: A Path to Success for Nevada AgricultureSlocum, CurtisFS-05-34
Managing Market and Price Risk in Agriculture: The Case for Forward ContractsCurtisFS-05-35
Agritourism: Opportunity for Farm Diversification in NevadaCurtis, MonsonFS-05-38
Eureka County Cow-Calf Production Costs and Returns, 2004Curtis, Mori, RiggsFS-05-39
Humboldt County Cow-Calf Production Costs and Returns, 2004Curtis, Riggs, SchultzFS-05-41
White Pine County Cow-Calf Production Costs & Returns, 2004Curtis, Sceirine, Riggs, WilsonFS-05-42
Churchill County Alfalfa Hay Establishment, Production Costs and Returns, 2004Curtis, MacDougall, Riggs, DavisonFS-05-43
Humboldt County Alfalfa Hay Establishment, Production Costs and Returns, 2004Curtis, Sandstrom, Riggs, SchultzFS-05-45
2003 - 2004 Pershing County Agricultural StatisticsBreazeale, OwensFS-05-48
Russian Knapweed ControlSkellyFS-05-51
Characteristics of Sustainable Agriculture ProducersLewisFS-05-57
Incubators as a Potential Local Economic Development ToolHarris, Dick, WrightFS-06-06
Agriculture Production & Producer Needs in Nevada, 2005Curtis, Cowee, HavercampFS-06-08
Estate Taxes and Asset Transfer Mechanisms in AgricultureCurtis, CoweeFS-06-09
Key Concepts and Steps in Agricultural Estate PlanningCurtis, CoweeFS-06-10
Retirement Strategies for Agribusiness OwnersCurtis, CoweeFS-06-11
Working With Gourmet Chefs: Strategies for Small Agricultural ProducersCurtis, Cowee, HavercampFS-06-12
Three-tiered Marketing A Marketing Strategy for the Cow-Calf OperatorTorell, Riggs, ConleyFS-06-13
Identification and Management of Mormon CricketsMacknet, Breazeale, JohnsonFS-06-16
Identification and Management of Oxeye DaisyJohnson, StromFS-06-17
An Assessment of Headline Issues in Pershing CountyBreazealeFS-06-18
Pershing County Alfalfa Hay Establishment Production Costs and Returns, 2006Breazeale, CurtisFS-06-19
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Giant ReedJohnson, StromFS-06-21
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Bull ThistleJohnson, StromFS-06-22
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Oxeye DaisyJohnson, StromFS-06-23
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Sahara MustardJohnson, StromFS-06-24
TEF Demonstration Planting Results for 2005DavisonFS-06-58
2004 - 2005 Pershing County Agricultural StatisticsBreazeale, OwensFS-06-61
¡PRECAUCIÓN! El uso de pesticidas agrícolas para el control de pestes en el interior de su casa es muy peligroso!Johnson, Moses, HenryFS-06-66
Elko County Cow-Calf Production Costs and Returns, 2006Curtis, Brough, Torell, RiggsFS-07-08
Eureka County Forage Establishment, Production Costs and Returns, 2006Curtis, RiggsFS-07-09
Douglas County Cow-Calf Production Costs and Returns, 2006Curtis, Ruby, LewisFS-07-11
Pershing County Cow-Calf Productions Costs and Returns, 2006Curtis, Vesco, BreazealeFS-07-12
Lyon County Cow-Calf Production Costs and Returns, 2006Curtis, Beaupre, SingletaryFS-07-13
Cool Season Hay Attributes of Primary Importance to Nevada Horse OwnersCurtis, Cowee, Riggs, CirelliFS-07-14
What Value do Nevada's Horse owners Place on Cool Season Hay Characteristics?Curtis, Cowee, RiggsFS-07-15
Native Plant Characteristics Appeal to Consumers in NevadaCurtis, CoweeFS-07-16
Nevada Consumers Willing to Pay More for "Nevada Grown" Labeled Native PlantsCurtis, CoweeFS-07-17
A Precision Agriculture Fertilization Program for Alfalfa Hay Production: Will it Pay for Itself?BreazealeFS-07-23
Utilizing Natural Service with Estrous Synchronization in Conjunction with Timed Artificial InseminationTorell, Geary, Bohnert, AholaFS-07-25
Observations of Commercial Tef Production in Nevada During 2006DavisonFS-07-29
Factors Affecting Agritourism Potential in Rural NevadaFadali, Harris, CurtisFS-07-30
Potential for Agritourism in NevadaFadali, Harris, CurtisFS-07-31
Identification and Management of Russian-OliveCreech, RaffertyFS-07-39
Livestock Producer Interest in Local ProcessingCurtis, Cowee, Lewis, HarrisFS-08-10
Consumer Preferences for Meat AttributesCurtis, Cowee, Lewis, HarrisFS-08-11
Landowner Willingness to Adopt Alternative Cropping and Irrigation Strategies in the Walker River BasinCurtis, Emm, EntsmingerFS-08-19
Economic and Environmental Priorities of Walker River Basin LandownersCurtis, Emm, EntsmingerFS-08-20
Landowner Willingness to Sell or Lease Water Rights in the Walker River BasinCurtis, Emm, EntsmingerFS-08-21
The Impacts of Increasing Fuel Costs on Nevada’s Agricultural EnterprisesCurtis, BishopFS-08-37
Why Customers Shop at Farmers Markets in NevadaCowee, Curtis, GatzkeFS-09-32
Soil Testing Guide for Nevada Home GardenersGatzke, NelsonFS-09-38
Plant Season Extension in the DesertGatzke, NelsonFS-09-39
Developing Farmer and Gourmet Chef PartnershipsCurtis, Entsminger, Gatzke, MorrisFS-09-40
Buying Local: Perceptions of High-End Chefs in NevadaCowee, Curtis, Morris, GatzkeFS-09-41
Alfalfa for Beef CowsMcCuin, Foster, Nelson, Schultz, TorellFS-09-43
Nevada Farmers Market Customer ProfilesCowee, Curtis, GatzkeFS-09-45
From Farm Fresh to Fine Dining: Producing for Gourmet RestaurantsCurtis, Entsminger, Gatzke, MorrisFS-09-46
Pets and Pesticide UseDonaldson, Hefner, MosesFS-10-06
Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pest Control OperatorDonaldson, Hefner, Carpenter, LawrenceFS-10-07
Working Effectively with American Indian Populations: Gaining PerspectivesEmm, SingletaryFS-10-09
Working Effectively with American Indian Populations: Tribal GovernanceEmm, SingletaryFS-10-10
2008-2009 Pershing County Agricultural StatisticsFosterFS-10-12
Working Effectively with American Indian Populations: Indian Water RightsEmm, SingletaryFS-10-13
Working Effectively with American Indian Populations: Contracting and CompactingEmm, SingletaryFS-10-14
Biomass Production of 15 Teff Varieties Grown in Churchill County, Nevada During 2009Davison, LacaFS-10-34
Response of Teff Biomass Yields to Several Broadleaf Herbicides Applied at Three Different Growth Stages During 2009Davison, Creech, LacaFS-10-35
Grain Production of 15 Teff Varieties Grown in Churchill County, Nevada During 2009Davison, LacaFS-10-36
Nevada Open Range LawMcCuin, FosterFS-10-69
Response of Teff Grain Yields to Several Broadleaf Herbicides Applied at Three Different Growth Stages During 2009Davison, LacaFS-10-76
Integrated Weed Management in Seedling AlfalfaBlecker, Creech, DavisonFS-11-01
Working Effectively with American Indian Populations: A Brief Overview of Federal Indian PolicySingletary, EmmFS-11-34
Working Effectively with American Indian Populations: Great Basin and Columbia Plateau Indian CultureSingletary, EmmFS-11-35
Increasing Collaborative Success Between American Indians and Agriculture ProfessionalsLewis, EmmFS-11-41
Needs Assessment for Noxious Weeds in Churchill County - Part 1 of 5: Problem Weeds, Approaches and Methods of ControlDavison, Powell, Schultz, Creech, SingletaryFS-11-72
Needs Assessment for Noxious Weeds in Churchill County - Part 2 of 5: Problems of and Obstacles to Weed ManagementPowell, Davison, Schultz, Creech, SingletaryFS-11-73
Needs Assessment for Noxious Weeds in Churchill County - Part 3 of 5: Spread, Detection and Prevention of WeedsDavison, Powell, Schultz, Creech, SingletaryFS-11-74
The Great Basin Basket Company: A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Success Story in NevadaDavison, Lattin, LouhelaFS-11-75
Needs Assessment for Noxious Weeds in Pershing County: Part 1 of 5 — Problem Weeds and Approaches and Methods of ControlFoster, Schultz, SingletaryFS-11-77
Soil Properties, Part 2 of 3: Biological CharacteristicsFoster, McCuin, Schultz, Neibling, ShewmakerFS-12-03
Enterprise Budget, Roundup® Ready Alfalfa Hay Pershing County, Nevada, 2012FosterFS-12-12
Enterprise Budget, Conventional Alfalfa Hay Pershing County, Nevada, 2012FosterFS-12-13
Non-Chemical Weed Control for Small Acreage Farmers in NevadaDavison, NewtonFS-12-15
Nutritional Properties of Windrowed and Standing Basin Wildrye over TimeFoster, PerrymanFS-12-16
The Potential of Amaranth as a New Crop for NevadaDavison, LegerFS-12-19
Are You Sure You Have a Pest Problem?Hefner, Donaldson, Kratsch, SkellyFS-12-23
Not All Bugs Are BadKratsch, Donaldson, Hefner, SkellyFS-12-24
Beat What’s Pestering Your PlantsSkelly, Donaldson, Kratsch, HefnerFS-12-25
Feed Your Soil, Not Your PlantsHefner, Donaldson, Kratsch, SkellyFS-12-26
Keep Your Lawn GreenKratsch, Donaldson, Skelly, HefnerFS-12-27
What is That Brown Spot in My Lawn?Hefner, Donaldson, Kratsch, SkellyFS-12-28
Fighting Weeds in Your Lawn?Donaldson, Kratsch, Skelly, HefnerFS-12-29
Is This Pest Control Product Safe?Donaldson, Hefner, Skelly, KratschFS-12-30
What to Know Before Using a PesticideDonaldson, Skelly, Kratsch, HefnerFS-12-31
Lower-Risk Insect Control ProductsHefner, Donaldson, Kratsch, SkellyFS-12-32
Needs Assessment for Noxious Weeds in Churchill County: Part 4 of 5-Criteria for Herbicide Use and SelectionDavison, Powell, Schultz, SingletaryFS-12-33
Needs Assessment for Noxious Weeds in Churchill County: Part 5 of 5-Priority Research and OutreachDavison, Powell, Schultz, SingletaryFS-12-34
Integrated Weed Management in and around Established Alfalfa FieldsBlecker, Davison, Schultz, NewtonFS-12-35
Soil Properties, Part 1 of 3: Physical CharacteristicsFoster, Schultz, McCuin, Neibling, ShewmakerFS-13-02
Enterprise Budget, Corn Production Pershing County, Nevada, 2013FosterFS-13-03
Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) Education and Implementation Results in NevadaNewton, Davison, Schultz, Blecker, CreechFS-13-08
White Pine County Community Situational Analysis: Results and ImplicationsUrbanowitzFS-13-09
Determining Profitability of Alternative CropsBishop, EmmFS-13-21
Maintaining Product Quality and Food Safety: A Primer for Small Fruit and Vegetable ProducersUrbanowitzFS-13-25
Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and Good Handling Practices (GHPs): A Framework for Minimizing On-Farm Food Safety HazardsUrbanowitzFS-13-26
Soil and Climate Considerations of Alternative CropsBishop, EmmFS-13-27
Good Agricultural Practices and Good handling Practices: Water Use in Horticultural SystemsUrbanowitzFS-13-40
Summary of a Biochar Demonstration and Its Potential Application in NevadaSteinmann, Davis, UrbanowitzFS-14-04
Soil Properties, Part 3 of 3: Chemical CharacteristicsFoster, Urbanowitz, Gatzke, SchultzFS-16-02
Varroa Mite Integrated Pest Management for Small-Scale Beekeepers in NevadaPatersonFS-16-03
Eating Cactus: Prickly Pear for FoodBishop, McMurrayFS-16-09
Raising Meat Goats in Southern NevadaBishopFS-16-11
Growing Hops in Southern NevadaWynne, Robinson, O’Callaghan, AndersonFS-17-05
Know Nevada Insects: Monarch ButterflyBurl, NewtonFS-17-13
Kids Know Nevada Insects: Monarch ButterflyBurl, NewtonFS-17-14
Know Nevada Insects: Orange Sulphur ButterflyBurl, NewtonFS-17-15
Kids Know Nevada Insects: Orange Sulphur ButterflyBurl, NewtonFS-17-16
Matching Hay Quality to Cow NeedsTorell, I Hackett, Drysl, J. DavisonFS-88-29
Improving Grass Hay Quality through Fertilizer and Irrigation ManagementTorell, J. DavisonFS-88-44
How Cutting Dates Relate to Hay Quality in Northeastern NevadaJ. Davison, Torell, HackettFS-88-45
Drip Irrigation SystemsCox, MillsFS-91-53
Alfalfa for Beef CowsBalliette, Torell, KryslFS-93-23
Suburban Horse KeepingCirelli, CloudFS-94-09
Bits and BittingCirelliFS-95-02
Animal Waste Management for the HorseownerWheeler, CirelliFS-95-11
The Equine First Aid KitCirelli, CloudFS-95-25
Worker Protection Standards for Agricultural PesticidesJohnson, McKie, MosesFS-95-36
Endangered Species Protection ProgramJohnson, McKie, MosesFS-95-45
Laundering Pesticide Work ClothingJohnson, McKie, MosesFS-95-46
Buying a HorseCirelli, CloudFS-96-04
Calibration of your field sprayerR. WilsonFS-96-06
Hand Pesticide Application CalibrationR. WilsonFS-96-07
Judging The Hunter Under SaddleCirelli, CloudFS-96-08
Judging the Western Pleasure HorseCirelli, CloudFS-96-10
Judging the Trail HorseCirelli, CloudFS-96-11
Economics of Horse Ownership in NevadaLobo, CirelliFS-96-41
Alfalfa Production Costs for the Diamond Valley, Nevada AreaMyer, R. WilsonFS-97-03
Subsurface Drip IrrigationNeufeld, J. Davison, StevensonFS-97-13
Pesticide Chemigation Through Pumped Irrigation SystemsCarpenter, JohnsonFS-97-37
Water Scarcity in the West: An Evolving Public IssueActon, SingletaryFS-98-08
Integrated Pest Management of Insect Pests in Alfalfa HayCarpenter, Knight, JohnsonFS-98-11
Recreational Activities and Issues in the Walker River BasinSingletaryFS-98-18
Backing up Calving Dates (Reducing Postpartum Interval of Beef Cows)Torell, BruceFS-98-19
Care and Management of the Ranch HorseCirelliFS-98-21
Economic Impact on Agriculture in the Walker River Basin under a Water Banking ScenarioSingletary, MacDiarmid, DardenFS-98-26
Horse Handling And Riding Guidelines Part I: Equine SensesCirelli, CloudFS-98-29
Horse Handling and Riding Guidelines Part II: Ground HandlingCirelli, CloudFS-98-30
Labor Management in AgricultureBreazealeFS-98-38
Pheromones in Insect Pest ManagementSeybold, DonaldsonFS-98-41
Alfalfa Irrigation Scheduling with an Automated Evaporation Pan SystemNeufeld, J. DavisonFS-98-49
Reducing Coyote Predation Through Sheep Management TechniquesMcAdoo, GlimpFS-99-109
Wildlife Use of Private Meadows in Northern NevadaMcAdooFS-99-110
Compensating Farm and Ranch WorkersBreazealeFS-99-27
Incentives and Benefits for Farm and Ranch WorkersBreazealeFS-99-28
Selecting And Preparing Cattle For Wheat Pasture GrazingTorell, Riggs, Bruce, KvasnickaFS-99-37
How to Find and Secure Wheat Pasture for GrazingTorell, Riggs, Bruce, KvasnickaFS-99-38
Wheat Pasture Grazing: Agronomic, Cultural and Livestock Management PracticesTorell, Riggs, Bruce, KvasnickaFS-99-39
How Good is Wheat Pasture for Winter Grazing Lightweight Calves?Torell, Riggs, Bruce, KvasnickaFS-99-40
Growing Seedless Grapes in Northwestern NevadaWolf, JohnsonFS-99-42
Economics and Performance of Northeastern Nevada Feeder Cattle Feedlot PhaseRiggs, Torell, Bruce, KvasnickaFS-99-48
Economics and Performance of Lightweight Northeastern Nevada Calves Grazing Texas Wheat Pasture: A Marketing Alternative Case StudyRiggs, Torell, Bruce, KvasnickaFS-99-49
1997-1998 Pershing County Agricultural StatisticsBreazeale, OwensFS-99-63
Alfalfa Seed Production Costs for Pershing CountyBreazeale, Myer, KettleFS-99-64
Alfalfa Hay Production Costs for Humboldt CountyKettle, Myer, BreazealeFS-99-68
Alfalfa Seed Production Costs for Humboldt CountyKettle, Myer, BreazealeFS-99-69
Using Growing Degree Days for Alfalfa ProductionBreazeale, Kettle, MunkFS-99-71
Marketing Cattle in 2000 and Beyond: Technology's Role in Livestock MarketingKettle, Bailey, Torell, BruceFS-99-73
A Homeowner’s Guide to Planting Crested WheatgrassE. Smith, J. Davison, CarlosFS-99-96
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2010 Program HighlightsSloan, Mills, Ming, ChurchIP-10-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2011 Program HighlightsSloan, Ming, Mills, ChurchIP-11-01
Helping the Nevada economy: How Cooperative Extension programs create jobs, spark investmentSloanIP-11-04
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2012 Program HighlightsSloan, Ming, Mills, ChurchIP-12-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2013 Program HighlightsWharton, MingIP-13-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2014 Program HighlightsWharton, Ming, KozsanIP-14-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2015 Program HighlightsWharton, Ming, KozsanIP-15-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2017 Program HighlightsWharton, KozsanIP-17-01
Tall Whitetop - It’s not just a pretty face!Donaldson, Wharton, GoodSP-00-03
Equine DentitionCirelliSP-00-08
Never Use Farm Pesticides in your Home!Johnson, MosesSP-00-11
Understanding Pesticide LabelsJohnson, MosesSP-00-13
Nevada Youth Range Judging ManualOrr, Holloway, McAdooSP-01-04
Safe and Legal Transportation of PesticidesW. JohnsonSP-01-09
Yellow Starthistle Control in Nevada - An Integrated Approach to Invasive Weed ManagementZimmerman, Johnson, EiswerthSP-01-16
The Carson River Watershed - Our Lifeline in the DesertAzad, Cobourn, Kaffer, Lewis, Pollyea, Riedl, SkellySP-03-02
Pesticide Record Book for Private ApplicatorsCarpenter, JohnsonSP-03-03
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2003 Program HighlightsA. GoodSP-03-04
Cryptosporidium and Giardia: Waterborne ParasitesReisig, Walker, SweeneySP-04-09
Pesticide Safety Tips For Private and Commercial Applicators Best Management PracticesStrom, JohnsonSP-05-11
Importance and Use of Enterprise Budgets in Agricultural OperationsRiggs, Curtis, HarrisSP-05-12
Noxious Weeds in Humboldt County and Northern NevadaSchultzSP-05-17
Identification, Biology, Habitat, and Control of Noxious Weeds in Humboldt County and Adjacent Areas of Northern Nevada: An Introductory HandbookSchultzSP-05-18
Paradise Valley Weed Control Demonstration Plot: Russian KnapweedSchultzSP-05-19
Paradise Valley Weed Control Demonstration Plots: Hoary CressSchultzSP-05-20
Understanding Common Accounting Transactions for Small Business OwnersD. BreazealeSP-06-06
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2006 Program HighlightsFord, Ming, WhartonSP-06-07
Identification of Common Landscape Pests and Beneficial Organisms in NevadaJohnson, Graham, StromSP-06-08
Do Producers and Horse Owners Agree on Important Characteristics of Cool Season Hays?Curtis, Cowee, Riggs, CirelliSP-07-02
Markets for Nevada Native Plants & SeedsCurtis, CoweeSP-07-03
Financial Potential for Livestock Slaughter and Processing in NevadaCurtis, Cowee, Lewis, HarrisSP-08-01
Alternative Marketing Options for Nevada’s Livestock ProducersCurtis, CoweeSP-08-02
Northwestern Nevada Wine Grape Establishment, Production Costs and Returns, 2008Curtis, Kobayashi, BishopSP-08-06
Northwestern Nevada Leaf Lettuce Production Costs and Returns, 2008Curtis, BishopSP-08-07
Northwestern Nevada Two Row Malt Barley Production Costs and Returns, 2008Curtis, BishopSP-08-08
Northwestern Nevada Alfalfa Hay Establishment, Production Costs and Returns, 2008Curtis, Kobayashi, BishopSP-08-10
Northwestern Nevada Great Basin Wild Rye Establishment, Production Costs and Returns, 2008Curtis, BishopSP-08-11
Northwestern Nevada Switchgrass Establishment, Production Costs and Returns, 2008Curtis, BishopSP-08-12
Northwestern Nevada Teff Production Costs and Returns, 2008Curtis, Bishop, DavisonSP-08-13
Northwestern Nevada Onion Production Costs and Returns, 2008Curtis, BishopSP-08-14
Marketing Farmers’ Markets: Ideas for Market Vendors and Managers in NevadaCowee, Curtis, GatzkeSP-09-10
Pricing Protein and Energy Supplements Corrected for MoistureFoster, Torell, McCuinSP-09-19
Nevada’s 2008 Weed Management Extension Program Needs Assessment: A Survey of Agricultural Producers and Public Land ManagersCreech, Singletary, Davison, Blecker, SchultzSP-10-03
Small Farm Hoop House Production of Vegetables in Desert Climates Costs & Returns, 2010Bishop, Gatzke, CurtisSP-10-11
Developing a Local Food Industry in NevadaGatzkeSP-12-05
Hoop House Production in the Desert: Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae CropsGatzkeSP-12-07
Fall Vegetable Production On Small Acreage in Desert Climates Costs and Returns, 2012BishopSP-12-08
Selecting Vegetable Crops for Small-Scale Desert ProductionGatzkeSP-12-11
Results of a Mailed Survey: Priorities for the City of Elko and Surrounding CommunitiesTingey, Smith, SingletarySP-13-01
Corn Variety Trial 2012, Pershing CountyFoster, DavisonSP-13-02
2013 Crop and Livestock Insurance Options for Nevada ProducersEmm; HoltonSP-13-11
Establishing Priority Weeds for Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR) Education in NevadaBlecker, Paterson, Davison, Creech, SchultzSP-14-09
Results of a Mailed Survey: Priorities for Wells, NevadaBaker-Tingey, Smith, SingletarySP-14-11
Small Farm Egg Production in Southern NevadaBishopSP-14-14
Starting a Baked Goods Business in NevadaWest, Gatzke, Allen, EmmSP-14-15
Starting a Dried Fruit and Herb Business in NevadaWest, Gatzke, Allen, EmmSP-15-01
Starting a Jams, Jellies and Preserves Business in NevadaWest, Gatzke, Allen, EmmSP-15-02
Evaluation of Several Tomato Varieties’ Resistance to Beet Curly Top Virus Grown Under High Tunnels and in the FieldDavison, LattinSP-15-06
Spring and Winter Canola Variety Trial Results in NevadaJay DavisonSP-15-07
Costs and Returns of Pomegranate Production in Southern NevadaBishopSP-15-08
Russian Knapweed Control Trial 2013-2015, Pershing CountyFoster, SchultzSP-16-04
Nevada Processed Food Guide: Refrigerated Cut ProduceGatzke,West, Allen, EmmSP-16-06
Nevada Processed Food Guide: Frozen ProduceGatzke,West, Allen, EmmSP-16-07
2016 Alfalfa Variety Trial in Western Nevada, Initial ResultsDavison, Solomon, LawrySP-17-06
An Overview of Agricultural Production and Agricultural Water Use in Humboldt County, Nevada, and the Risk From Withdrawing Irrigation WaterSchultzSP-17-08
The Future of Agriculture in the Carson Valley: Agriculture Producer PerspectivesLewisSP-17-10
Evaluation of Food Action Planning Committee Meeting and Urban Agriculture and Food Sustainability Forum, August 23-24, 2017Buffington, BosketSP-18-01
Nevada Pesticide Applicator’s Certification WorkbookJohnson, Knight, Moses, Carpenter, R. WilsonSP-87-07
Invasive Plants in Nevada: An Identification HandbookStoddard, Johnson, R. WilsonSP-96-03
Natural Resource Needs In Western NevadaCarlos, Cobourn, Donaldson, Miller, S. Lewis, Post, Rebori, Skelly, E. SmithSP-99-01
Cooperation Extension 2000 Information CalendarRobinson, RobertsSP-99-03
1999 Rangeland Wildfires: Economic Impacts to Northern NevadaRiggs, Kettle, DardenSP-99-07

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