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Food for Thoughts Program

About Us

Angela O'Callaghan

Angela O'Callaghan

The school gardens program is a part of the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, and part of the Water, Horticulture, Environment and Economics Team.

The Food for Thoughts program is operated under the direction of Dr. Angela O'Callaghan, Southern Area Specialist for Social Horticulture.

Karyn Johnson is the Program Coordinator for the School Gardens program. She works with schools to help them to develop their garden programs, find resources, coordinate staff development and work directly with teachers.

Karen Johnson

Karyn Johnson

The Water, Horticulture, Environment and Economics Team provides research-based information to the residents of southern Nevada that supports their economic viability, environmental and social sustainability.

Cooperative Extension in Nevada is a statewide college of University of Nevada, Reno. Cooperative Extension is nation-wide, part of the land grant college system. We take our college programming into the community, with programs such as Master Gardeners, Corrections Horticulture, 4-H, Chefs for Kids, Healthy Hearts, and many other programs.