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Family Storyteller

Family Storyteller

Mom and baby reading
parent and child reading a book together

About Family Storyteller

The award-winning Family Storyteller Program provides parents and educators ideas, resources and fun activities for sharing books with young children. It is especially for families who are learning English or who have few children's books at home.

In this section, you'll learn more about this site and explore the benefits of reading with young children.

parent and child reading a book together

Fun With Books

In this section, find fun ideas for reading several specific popular books for young children. Also available in Spanish.

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Visit the resources section to see a list of great books for toddlers and preschool children and beginning readers. Also find other sites for Parents and Teachers and Kids.

parent and child reading a book together

Games & Activities

In this part of the website, explore fun literacy and language games for adults and children to do together.