Residential & Landscaping

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Residential & Landscaping

Homeowners and landscapers will find useful information to help them design, install and maintain landscapes and gardens during drought conditions, such as information on low-water-use gardening, low-water-use landscape plants, water conservation, water harvesting, mulch and soil amendments, water-efficient landscaping, well management and lawn maintenance.

Need a Master Gardener?

If you have any landscape-related questions, you can also call and speak with horticulture specialists or Master Gardeners at Cooperative Extension offices in Reno (775-784-4848) and in Las Vegas (702-222-3130). Alternatively, you can Ask a Master Gardener online here.

Information on Water Efficient Landscapers

Report Water Waste in Your Community

  • Truckee Meadows Water Authority
    Report water waste in your community by calling (775) 834-8005 or by filling out a report online.
  • Southern Nevada Water Authority
    For those served by a member agency of SNWA, fill out an online water waste report here and it will be forwarded to the appropriate water agency.

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Mandatory Watering Schedules