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Lincoln County

Producing Food

Lincoln County

Lincoln County has a farming history that is instilled into the community. The dominant farming areas consist of raising cattle on the range and growing alfalfa. A representative ranch model, built on Lincoln County rancher’s advice by Texas A&M Economists, monitors the sustainability of ranchers with high amounts of federal lands. This representative ranch model is used to plan government programs since it determines potential impacts of changes in policies, economics and environment. Local food farms have emerged since our introduction of the farmers market and growing produce in hoop houses project 2007 to 2010. These farms sell fresh food products to local consumers and Las Vegas customers. A Food Processing program has been developed to assist Nevadans in producing goods for sale under the craft, cottage and commercial food laws from their homes. Click the corresponding box below for further information on these topics.


A representative ranch model (click here to see 2016 report) forecasts the likely viability of ranches and the potential impacts of changes in policy, economic or environment.

Animal Production Forage Production

Processing Foods for Sale

Learn how to start your food business from jams, spices, dried mixes, breads, candies and flavored vinegars to pickles and salsa at home or frozen and fresh cut products in a commercial facility.

Starting a Food Business In Nevada