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Lincoln County

Health & Community Development

Lincoln County

Cooperative Extension’s role in Lincoln County is assessing community needs and developing programs to address them. Click on the needs assessment button below to explore what we have discovered. There are times when expertise is required and Cooperative Extension reaches out to professionals should assistance with an issue be needed.

Ten years ago the needs were dominantly finding a need for economic development, employment and activities for youth, keeping the rural and open spaces, and increasing services. Programs to address these areas can be found under the Business Opportunities in Lincoln County.

Recently, studies have indicated an additional need for more health and fitness education and activities. As a result we have started the Eating Smart and Little Books and Little Cooks programs to educate about healthy eating.

To further this quest we collaborate to bring coupons to farmers markets and have established the pilot community garden. Now we hope to create a health and fitness calendar where activities for youth and adults can be posted for all to see. Sports teams to walking clubs can be listed on the calendar. Just outline where, when and what the activity is.