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Welcome to Carson City

Community gardenThe Consolidated Municipality of Carson City has a rich and colorful frontier past. Named after explorer Kit Carson, the city was selected as the state capital at Nevada's constitutional convention in 1864.

Today, the city limits of Carson City cover 155.7 square miles, making it one of largest cities in the state in terms of area. Downtown Carson City lies in Eagle Valley, which is surrounded by three mountain ranges -- the Carson Range to the west, the Virginia Range to the east and Pinenut Range to the southeast. Snow Valley Peak, which rises 9,214 feet in the Carson Range, is the highest point in the city. The city limits border Lake Tahoe to the west and the Carson River runs through the city. With a population of approximately 56,000, Carson City's economy is based first upon state and local government, then retail trade and manufacturing.

Carson City's 2016 Summary of Accomplishments