Apple a DaySuccessful weight management is a long-term way of life, not a “quick-fix.”

It takes commitment to make eating and behavior changes to maintain weight loss.

Use the  tips found in Fact Sheet 00-36 to get started on the healthy way to long-term weight loss.

MumsOver the next few months, even people who do not have much in the line of a “green thumb” will start buying or receiving plants. Brightly colored mums in foil-wrapped pots can be the perfect host gift, and those of us who prefer not to use cut flowers will often try something different, like a potted orchid, for a dining table centerpiece.

Even plants with dramatic or different kinds of leaves become presents.

From about the end of September, right on through the New Year, people give and get more houseplants than they do during the other nine months.

Learn the “tricks of the trade!”