We are pleased to announce our January leader of the month is Windi Altemeyer!

Windi started her leadership in 4-H as the Fernley Community Club co-leader in 1997 and has been involved ever since. Windi has also had leadership roles in other clubs; including, sports/ fitness, speed stacking, and cooking club.  She has also been a chaperone for 4-H camp, volunteered at numerous community events with 4-H; including, Night in the Country, Lyon County Fair, Angel Tree, Jessica Davis Scholarship fundraising, portfolio workshops, community clean-ups, boxes for servicemen and much, much more in the last 18 years.


We asked Windi why she became a 4-H leader: “I have always been very busy but involved in my children’s lives. Additionally I love teaching, volunteering and sharing my experiences; therefore, becoming a 4-H leader was a natural way to accomplish all of the above”. Windi loves giving back and making a difference in her community. The various volunteer opportunities with 4-H are very rewarding to Windi, “We help many others, we beautify our community, not to mention-its fun!”


We asked Windi what her most memorable 4-H experience was, she told us of her first year at 4-H camp. Windi had her cabin following the rules, lights out by 10:00pm and that’s what they did, as her cabin was trying to sleep all they could hear was the banging and booming of music from the cabin next door. She marched over to this neighboring cabin, swung open the door and demanded to know where their chaperone was; only to find their fearless leader with a sucker in her mouth and creating a strobe light effect with her flashlight for the dance party. If you’ve been to camp, you learn quickly that the “lights out rule” really only means the party doesn’t leave your cabin; youth, teens and adults create so many wonderful memories at camp and years later Windi speaks of this memory as if it was yesterday.


Windi told us that 4-H is important to youth because of the pledge, youth not only recite it but they live by it. 4-H offers opportunities for youth in the community to grow and learn; it teaches life skills, leadership, independence, teamwork, self worth, compassion, confidence, finance and record keeping-just to name a few. “I have watched many children become respected teens, mature college students and accomplished adults. Its a privilege and honor to be considered a role model to the youth of our future. It takes a village.. raising children into mature, productive members of society, I’m glad to be a part of such an amazing village. Thank you to my husband and many friends who have lead along with me”.


Lyon County 4-H if fortunate to have such wonderful leaders and parents. We greatly appreciate the 18 years Windi has volunteered her time and the impact she has made on so many youth. Thank you Windi!