IMG_7005 (1280x1179)We are excited to announce the November Leader of the Month is Elaine Greene. Elaine has been volunteering with 4-H for over almost 40 years! She got a start early in 4-H as a member as a youth. She has been involved in a variety of clubs over the years, but currently volunteers with clubs in Smith Valley. Volunteering for 4-H is important to her because she wants youth to be able to showcase their hard work by doing well in the show ring. Using a hands-on approach, she loves to work with the kids on improving their showmanship and animal quality. Her best day is when her kids have a big smileIMG_6823 (1280x1179) on their face when they do their best. Elaine wants to make a difference and be there to support each of her kids throughout their projects.

All the livestock programs in Lyon County benefit from her hard work. Elaine is the first one to show up for set up and one of the last ones there cleaning up the space. Her programs give back to Smith Valley community, serving at dinners and providing man-power for events. Sheep are her passion but, swine, skiing, snowmobiling, outdoors, and community clubs have benefited from her life-long involvement in 4-H.