This week, the kids will be trying green cauliflower and  cara cara oranges.

Green cauliflower is a hybrid of broccoli and white cauliflower. Broccoli and cauliflower are the same species of plant, but due to selective breeding for agriculture and because humans like it. The various colors of cauliflower have slightly different vitamin composition, but nothing significant enough to make much nutritional difference. The colored varieties are becoming fairly common and can be most easily and are highest in quality in the spring or fall with other cabbage related crops. Cauliflower is high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. Steamed or roasted cauliflower can be substituted in may recipes for mashed or roasted potatoes to reduce calories. It is a very neutrally flavored vegetable and can be incorporated into sauces or soups when pureed for thickening and to add texture.

Cara cara oranges are a variety of navel orange that has red flesh that is less acidic and sweeter than the traditional cara cara oranges. Oranges are sweetest when they have a smooth, firm skin and no soft spots. In all citrus, you may notice some brown discoloration on the surface of the skin. One of the defense mechanisms of citrus plants to feeding on the fruit is to send additional sugars to the fruit. This “gums up” the mouth parts of the insects that are feeding on the fruit. If the skin discoloration is not associated softness, the fruit will be much sweeter. The fruit will dry out faster reducing the time it can sit on your table, but I have found the better flavor to be worth it.