by Kate Schnoor

Lyon Co73215_168203549857550_3152320_nunty 4H is proud to announce our Leader of the Month for October is Linda VanPelt. Linda has been volunteering with 4H for 18 years and has played a crucial role in the Lyon County 4H Program. “I was not a 4-H’er as a youth but when my daughter wanted a guinea pig I suggested she join 4-H to learn how to take care of it and that was the beginning of my family’s 4-H career.”

Linda has been involved with numerous 4H clubs throughout her years as a volunteer; including, Clover buds, Community Club, Toe Painting, Cake Decorating, Dog Club, WHEP and Leaders Council. “I started as a 4-H leader when my little girl was 6 years old.  Her Clover Bud Leader moved away and there wasn’t anyone to take her place. That was in 1997, and so it started.”IMG_3521 (1024x768)

As leaders left, Linda stepped in so the 4H clubs wouldn’t close. “When the Toe Painting leader quit I became that leader, and when the Community club leaders left I once again stepped in with Windi Goodman.  We are the” FCC” duo or “Laurel and Hardie” as we like to refer to ourselves.”  If you have met Linda and Windi, you instantly see their friendship and love for working with youth.

Lyon County 4H has a program referred to as Leaders Council; this is a group of 4H Leaders who help with fundraisers, 4H events, fairs, awards and contests. Linda has been involved with this group for the past 6 years as the Treasure and secretary.

“I was awarded into thtaylorlvst11 (2) (800x600)e Lyon County Hall of Fame in 2010 and also at the state level in 2009. I have had a great experience with all the kids, they make me smile and make it worth all time and effort. I have met many wonderful parents and leaders all over the state. I liked being involved at the state level very much and hope those opportunities are available again to all the amazing, involved and caring leaders that are stepping up and moving our kids forward into new adventures.  The University leaders were exceptionally knowledgeable, fun and helpful.”

“I am always amazed at how the kids and parents are kind and generous with their time and talents. Anytime I needed help I could count on anyone I asked to step in and help.  I have loved being a part of 4-H. I will always bleed green and support 4-H.”