PrecipAre you interested in the Nevada Legislative sessions regarding the Mason Valley and Smith Valley groundwater limits October 5th and October 7th but cannot go to Carson City for up to four days for the hearings. Do you not have enough internet bandwidth or enough data on your personal internet to run streaming video for the live sessions for four days? The University of Nevada Cooperative Extension in Lyon County will be running the streaming video of these sessions in the conference room at 504 S. Main Street in Yerington on a 50-inch monitor for viewing. The room is reserved for this use October 5th through October 8th from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for those who wish to attend. Please contact Marcia Moffitt if you plan to attend so that we can make accommodations to meet the response. Persons in need of special accommodations or assistance must contact Marcia at least three days prior to the first day of the sessions.

This will not be an interactive system but viewing only. Those wishing to give expert testimony or ask questions will still have to travel to Carson City. For more information and requirements regarding expert testimony please refer to the Mason Valley News article.

According to the Mason Valley News , you can to go the DWR website to obtain copies of the curtailment orders. You can contact Malcom Wilson of the Division Resources at 775 685-2806 for a copy of the Desert Research Institute model files or memorandum. More details regarding the curtailments are available in both news articles in the Mason Valley News.