4-H Youth Development

Healthy Living

4-H has become a national leader in health-related educational issues, including chemical health, mental and emotional health, foods and nutrition, physical health, and safety.

Health Rocks!

Random Images of Health Rocks! activities

The Health Rocks! Program targets the area of good decision making for healthy lifestyle choices. Teens and adults work together to communicate how to make wise life choices.

Youth from across the nation attend trainings to learn skills and acquire knowledge regarding choices about alcohol, tobacco and drug use. Workshops include decision-making, identifying risks, stress management and youth-adult partnerships. The Health Rocks! Program teaches life skills such as critical thinking and communication as well as ways to avoid peer pressure.

Adapted from Mississippi State University (MSU Cares)


Sarah Chvilicek, Washoe County 4-H Youth Development Program Coordinator/State 4-H Healthy Living Liaison