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4-H Afterschool meets the needs of youth and families

What is 4-H Afterschool?

4-H Afterschool is a fun and exciting youth program that provides extraordinary learning opportunities in the hours after school. 4-H Afterschool offers innovative "Learn by Doing" activities to develop and enhance lifelong skills such as leadership, critical thinking, collaboration, decision making, and civic responsibility. 4-H offers a variety of project areas to participate in and learn from as well as a multitude of new opportunities to explore and develop personal awareness!

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The Program addresses a growing need and demand for quality after-school programming in the United States where as many as 15 million children come home to empty houses after school. Research shows that these youth are at higher risk for violent crimes, substance abuse, anti-social behavior, poor academic performance, and dropping out of school.

4-H Afterschool develops programs to fit the demographics of local communities and counties. 4-H offers support to other youth-serving programs in various formats depending on the needs and interests of the youth and adults involved.

Objectives of the 4-H Afterschool Program

The primary purpose of the 4-H Afterschool Program is to promote and enhance healthy development in all youth: mentally, physically, socially and emotionally.

4-H Afterschool allows youth to achieve their highest potential because of the opportunities available to develop and enhance life skills. Studies show that students have better academic performance, more acceptable behavior, increased school attendance and participation, and greater expectations for the future.

Primary goals of the 4-H Afterschool Program are:

  • Positive youth development
  • Engagement in learning
  • A safe and welcoming environment
  • Positive adult role models
  • Positive adult/youth interaction

The 4-H Afterschool Program helps young people become successful in their future goals and personal expectations!

The 4 "H's" of Afterschool

HEAD...to a bright future
HEART...warming relationships
HANDS...on opportunities
HEALTH...lessons for life

4-H Afterschool and the University of Nevada, Reno

As Nevada's land-grant university, the University of Nevada, Reno, offers programmatic and administrative infrastructure for 4-H youth development across the state.

4-H Afterschool utilizes the University of Nevada's Cooperative Extension resources and research to develop curricula, plan programs, and provide evaluation. 4-H staff also offers training on the principles and concepts of youth development to professionals of other youth organizations.

4-H is a community of young people across America learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.

4-H Afterschool is offered in a number of Nevada counties.

Adapted from Cornell University Cooperative Extension


A brochure titled Nevada 4-H Youth Development: 4-H Afterschool Program is available as a free download.


Sarah Chvilicek, Washoe County 4-H Youth Development Program Coordinator/4-H Afterschool Liaison
Samantha Shoupe, Community Based Instructor II