4-H Youth Development

Welcome to Washoe County 4-H Youth Development

4-H Youth Development offers several programs that serve this community. There are 4-H Clubs facilitated by adult volunteers. There are also after school programs, offered in coordination with Washoe County School District, by trained UNCE Staff teaching science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) using research-based curriculum.

Each year in Nevada nearly 50,000 young people participate in 4-H generated activities. They learn confidence, record keeping, leadership and other transferable life skills. They do better in school as well. In the most recent wave of the Tufts University Longitudinal Study it was demonstrated that 4-H youth were higher than the national average in percentage of high school graduation, and twice as likely to attend college. The study showed that youth involved in the 4-H program are less likely to engage in risk behaviors, they are less likely to take drugs, and are less likely to experience depression or feel suicidal.

The 4-H program is a non-formal education system with the purpose of teaching kids how to love learning and transfer life skills when they become adults and go on to higher education. 4-H focuses on their decision making, problem solving, communication, personal responsibility and social responsibility so members will be resilient and resistant to risk behaviors when they can pack their toolbox with these transferable life skills.

The philosophy of 4-H is to "learn by doing". This experiential learning model is a proven method to help youth achieve their project goals while having fun with other youth. Clubs are under the direction of trained, screened adult leaders, plus all club youth participate in the organization and running of their club. Each club uses research-based 4-H curricula designed to guide the club members to a level of proficiency at their chosen subject.