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4-H Pledge

Northeast Clark County 4-H has a variety of programs for youth ages 5 to 19 years of age that allows them to develop, create and engage in fun, age-appropriate learning activities. There is a range of curriculum and delivery methods in the three different communities of the county: Moapa/Glendale, Logandale/Overton, and Bunkerville/Mesquite.

The Nevada State 4-H Program operates on a fiscal year of Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. For most clubs throughout Northeast Clark County 4-H, enrollment is open year-round. There are no annual dues, some clubs may have fees to help cover the cost of supplies, but these expenses are usually minimal and optional.

Throughout the year, opportunities abound for 4-H youth. In the summer months, the place to be is at Southern Area 4-H Camp or one of our many day camps. In August, it is time for back to school events. In the Fall, the excitement is focused on the 4-H Achievement Night to start the 4-H year off. During the winter, the weekends are full of workshops and leadership trips. The spring months are busy, with livestock season in full bloom and the annual county junior livestock show in April.

While all these seasonal events are occurring, other 4-H programs, such as arts and craft, cooking, GPS, leadership, robotic and sewing clubs are also busy with their own activities. In Moapa Valley, not only are the traditional 4-H clubs offered, but a mentoring and afterschool program is offered that also includes family events, such as Family Night Out.

The heart of 4-H youth development is our faithful and trained adult volunteer leaders. If you or your children are looking for an enjoyable and quality youth development experience, contact us:

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Northeast Clark County Office
1897 N. Moapa Valley Blvd.
Logandale, NV 89021
Telephone: 702-397-2604
Fax: 702-397-8301

4-H Grows Here

Northeast Clark County 4-H Clubs


Virgin Valley - VV

Denise Houston
 4H Mesquite, Nevada

Moapa Valley - MV

Lacey Sproul-Tom
702-397-2604 ext. 2
 E. Clark County 4H Program

Cloverbud Projects

  • Black Sheep - MV
  • Fast-N-Furriest - MV
  • Mavericks - MV
  • Rowdy Ranchers - MV
  • Super S 4-H - VV

Livestock Projects

  • Barn Bums - MV
  • Black sheep - MV
  • Broken Spoke - MV
  • Cowboys & Angels - MV
  • Ewe-Sweet-Swine - MG
  • Goin' Showin' - MV
  • Kickin' R Livestock - VV
  • Kidz-N-Ewe - MV
  • Mavericks - MV
  • Mills Street - MV
  • Muddy River - MV
  • Super S 4-H - VV

Sewing / Healthy Living Projects

  • Rowdy Ranchers - MV
  • The Stich Witz - MV
  • The Butterfly Effect - VV

Shooting Sports

  • Shorty's Sharp Shooters - MV

Small Animal / Horse Projects

  • Mavericks - MV
  • Fast-N-Furriest - MV
  • Super S 4-H - MV
  • Horse-N-Around - MV

STEM Focused Projects

  • The Wherewolves - MV
  • Mesquite Robotics - VV
  • Kidz-N-Ewe - MV

For Current 4-H Members

Member in Good Standing

All 4-H members are required to meet the following minimum standards each year. Each club has the option of adding requirements to this list. If a club does add requirements, they must notify their members in writing by the first 4-H meeting of the year. A copy of the club's bylaws must be on record at the Cooperative Extension Office.


  • Adhere to the expectations of the Nevada 4-H Code of Conduct.
  • Submit a 4-H Portfolio for the current year. (Mastery)
  • Attend a minimum of 70 percent of club meetings. A minimum of 6 meetings must be held per year, per club, per project. (Belonging)
  • Deliver a public presentation at the club level or higher. (Independence)
  • Participate in a 4-H Sponsored community service project at club, county, regional or state level. See Definitions of community service. (Generosity)

Contest Information

About 4-H Contests

4-H Competitions are designed to:

  • Develop youth talents and showcase them
  • Encourage youth to speak in public and teach others
  • Get youth ready for the “real world” when they get older
  • Create a safe environment to compete
  • Give youth positive feedback on how they did and what they can do better
  • Improve skills in each area
  • Prepare youth grades 9-12 to compete in statewide 4-H Contests

Here you will find a list of each of the contests Northeast Clark County 4-H offers. Our staff tries to conduct the county contest as similar to the state contest as possible, utilizing the same rules, time allowances, and judge’s sheets.

Consumer Science

  • Consumer Science

Public Speaking & Demonstration

  • Interview
  • Demonstration
  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Public Speaking
  • Illustrated Talk
  • Static Exhibits
  • Robotics


  • Food Challenge
  • Food and Nutrition


  • Talent (includes dance, piano, instrumental, variety and vocal)

Horse, Livestock & Shooting Sports

  • Livestock Judging
  • Livestock QuizBowl
  • Livestock Skillathon
  • Shooting Sports

4-H works with the Clark County Fair & Rodeo each year in Logandale, Nevada by providing 4-H policies and procedures, serving on boards, and helping make the fair an inclusive event for many 4-H contests.

For 4-H Volunteer Leaders

Becoming a Volunteer

For information on how to become a 4-H Leader, please fill out this form and the Extension office will contact you directly.

Discover 4-H Clubs

"The Discover 4-H clubs series guides new 4-H volunteer leaders through the process of starting a 4-H club or provides a guideline for seasoned volunteer leaders to try a new project area. Each guide outlines everything needed to organize a club and hold the first six club meetings related to a specific project area." Guides courtesy of Utah State University Extension.

Get started in 3 easy steps!

  1. Click on the category below to download your step-by-step instructional packet for the project area of your choice.
  2. Invite other families to join your children as they discover and learn.
  3. Simply follow the activities in your packet and HAVE FUN!

Getting started guides include:

Frequently Asked Questions

A: 4-H is the youth development program of Cooperative Extension for youth ages 5 to 18 that helps youth develop leadership, citizenship and life skills. It aims to assist youth in becoming competent, contributing citizens.

A: All 4-H programs are open to any youth, regardless of membership in the 4-H program. Joining 4-H is as simple as completing the 4-H enrollment and 4-H medical release forms. 4-H has deep roots in agriculture, as it began with corn and tomato clubs in the early 1900s.

A: While 4-H addresses these programs, the entire program is more diverse. Nationally, 4-H has three mission mandates: citizenship (civic engagement, service, civic education and leadership), healthy living (nutrition, fitness and social-emotional health), and science (animal science and agriculture, consumer science, engineering, environmental science and natural resources, life science and technology).

A: Annual 4-H membership is $0. Some workshops and activities will have fees associated with them to help cover the cost of materials.

A: 4-H is active year round. Typically, 4-H clubs have monthly meetings. In addition, there are county, district and state level 4-H events, activities and competitions throughout the year.

A: A 4-H club is an organized group of youth, supported by screened, adult volunteers. The club meeting consists of a business meeting which is led by the youth officers, program and social time.

A: Youth can join 4-H at age 5. A youth's age for 4-H is determined by their age on Jan. 1 of the current year. You may continue to be a member of 4-H through age 18. Youth ages 5 to 8 years old are referred to as Cloverbuds. Cloverbuds are non-competitive, and receive participation ribbons in any activity they participate in.

A: The four H's stand for Head, Heart, Hands and Health. Originally, there were only three H's — Head, Heart and Hands. A fourth H, Hustle, was added in 1908. Hustle was changed to Health in 1911.

A: 4-H is always looking for adult volunteers. There are many opportunities, depending on the amount of time you would like to donate. You can volunteer at a single event, such as a judge for our presentation contest or teaching a workshop. If you want a deeper level of involvement, you can become a 4-H club leader, which is a one year, renewable commitment.

Additional Information


For more information about 4-H opportunities, please contact Lacey Sproul-Tom, 702-397-2604 ext. 2. For information about 4-H or Cooperative Extension, call 702-397-2604 or visit www.unce.unr.edu.


We are working to make all of our Northeast Clark County 4-H materials accessible, but until we do, please contact Lacey Sproul-Tom, 702-397-2604 ext. 2, for requests to make a specific publication accessible. We will work to respond to each request in as timely a manner as possible.