Nevada 4-H Camp

Reservation Process for the Nevada State 4-H Camp

Scheduling for the Nevada State 4-H Camp opens September through the end of October each year for the next calendar year. The camp is available for rental year round. Day use is permitted between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Overnight use includes use of cabins as well as all other camp facilities. For information on day-use and overnight fees, including rates for youth and adults, visit the Camp & Food Service Rates page.

Complete all fields of the reservation form below. Reservations are accepted for the next calendar year starting in September. First-round scheduling applications are due October 31 to be considered. Scheduling and notification for groups will occur by mid-November. After the first round of scheduling is complete, all other reservations received after October 31 are on a first-come basis. Priority is given to 4-H, FFA and youth education groups.

After scheduling is complete, the contract and deposit invoice will be sent to the group's point of contact. The group must return the signed contract and security deposit by the date specified in the contract to Nevada State 4-H Camp, P.O. Box 6868, Stateline, NV 89449 to secure the reservation. If the signed contract and deposit is not received by the date specified in the contract, the group could lose its reservation dates.

Items groups need to complete/provide:

  • Signed contract
  • Security and cleaning deposits
  • Comprehensive general liability insurance for $1,000,000
  • Copies of lifeguard certificates, if using the beach

Important scheduling information:

  • Entry no earlier than 3 p.m. and departure no later than 12 noon
  • June 1st through August 31st minimum group size 50 (Overnight & Day Use)
  • Sept 1st through May 31st minimum group size 25 (Overnight & Day Use)
  • Food Service provided by the 4-H Camp is mandatory

4-H Camp Food Service

All food services at the 4-H Camp will be provided and prepared by the 4-H Camp Food Service staff. The kitchen facility, including kitchen and walk-in refrigerator/freezer are not available for tenant's rental or use. For information on 4-H Camp Food Service, visit the Camp & Food Service Rates page.

Reservation Form for the Upcoming Season