Nevada 4-H Camp

Camp & Food Service Rates

Lodging Fee Schedule

The following is the fee schedule for lodging only for the 2019 camping season as determined by the Nevada State 4-H Camp Advisory Council in January 2016:

Group/Use Rate
Nevada 4-H and FFA Youth Programs (ages 0-18) $7.00/night/person
Out-of-State 4-H and FFA Youth Programs (ages 0-18) $12.00/night/person
Non-Profit Youth Programs (ages 0-18) Including all UNR and/or NSHE Youth Programs $19.00/night/person
For-Profit Youth Programs (ages 0-18) $25.00/night/person
Nevada 4-H and FFA Adult Programs (19+ years) $20.00/night/person
Non-Profit Adult Programs (19+ years) Including NSHE Programs $30.00/night/person
For Profit Adult Programs (19+ years) $35.00/night/person
Day Use Only $12.00/day/person

The following minimums are applied as well and are for overnight lodging and day use:

  • During high season (June 1 - Aug. 31): 50 person minimum
  • During other seasons (Jan. 1 - May 31; Sept. 1 - Dec. 31) 25 person minimum

Fees are subject to change based on motions decreed by the Nevada State 4-H Camp Advisory Council.

Food Service Schedule of Charges

The menu includes balanced meals that can be prepared for up to 245 persons. The cost for individual meals see details below.

*PLEASE notify the Camp Administrative staff no less than 14 days in advance of your reservation how many diners there will be, +/- 10, so that food and supplies can be ordered accordingly.

FOOD SERVICE CHARGES: Includes the menu as provided.

Group Type Meal Prices - All Group Sizes
Groups With Lodging $21.00/day/person
Breakfast: $5.00, Lunch: $5.50, Dinner: $10.50
Day-Use Groups Breakfast: $6.50, Lunch: $7.50, Dinner: $11.50

Groups with less than 25 WILL be charged meals for 25 minimum.


Coffee, milk, fruit juice, and hot chocolate is provided at breakfast. Milk, punch, and water are provided at lunch and dinner. Add $0.75 per person per day if you want unlimited diet punch made with sugar substitute and/or coffee.

Morning or Afternoon Snacks

If you desire guaranteed morning or afternoon snacks, add $1.50 per person per day per morning and/or afternoon. Groups are welcome to bring their own snacks.

Sack Lunches

If you desire a sack lunch an additional $1.00 for sack lunches/per person per meal will be charged. You are also responsible to make the sandwiches and bag sack lunches.