Nevada 4-H Camp

Off-Season Camp Use

During the off-season, October through May, the 4-H Camp has a reduced capability.

  • The two-story cabin has four rooms that each sleep 14 and includes seven bunk beds in each of the four rooms. The two-story cabin is heated for cold climates. Total capacity is 56.
  • A separate director's cabin that sleeps five is provided for use for staff members, medical support, etc. and has an indoor shower and restroom. This cabin is heated therefore available in the off-season. There are two sleeping rooms, one with two extra-long twin beds and the other with three extra-long twin beds. Total capacity is 5.
  • The only shower house available is in the girls' area. The boy's shower house is closed in the off-season.
  • All sleeping cabins in the boys' area (B1 - B2) are also closed; no heat is available in those cabins
  • In the girls' area, cabins G1, G4, G5 and G6 are closed; no heat is available in those cabins.
  • No portable space heaters are allowed in any buildings at 4-H Camp.
  • The use of the beach is only available if the group has certified lifeguards; one lifeguard per 50 campers.
  • Minimum usage between Sept. 1 and May 31 is 25 campers and staff.
  • The craft cabin is available to the group and is heated.
  • The camp's capacity is 61 for off-season use.