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Youth Horticulture Education Program

Program provides horticulture projects for youth, families and educators

The Youth Horticulture Education Program (YHEP) is a program of Clark County Cooperative Extension. The program offers horticulture projects for youth, families and educators, in collaboration with community volunteers and partners.

cilantro growing in pots

Program Projects

Projects provide professional, knowledge and workforce development

Each YHEP project is tailored to address the educational needs and grade levels of specific target audiences. From basic gardening and composting to workforce and professional development, YHEP projects promote life-skill development through hands-on learning.

Professional Development

Workforce Development

Programs provide professional development education and contact units

  • Teachers
  • Family and Community Engagement

Knowledge Development

Workforce Development

Programs enhance horticulture knowledge through information, experiences

  • Junior Master Gardeners
  • Afterschool Garden Clubs
  • Classroom Science Curricula
  • Field Trips to Our Youth Gardens

Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Programs foster positive behaviors, attitudes toward STEM-related careers

  • Title I Schools
  • Probation Youth
  • Incarcerated Youth
  • Students With Special Needs

Program Volunteers and Partners

Community Volunteers and Partners

Program welcomes community volunteers and partners

YHEP partners with people and agencies to increase horticulture, outdoor STEM and related knowledge in our community. We provide community partners with research, professional development and horticulture instruction. For example, we work with Green Our Planet to increase knowledge of horticulture, nutrition and conservation of natural resources among Pre-K to 12th grade students. Other community partners include garden project schools, apartment-style residences, faith-based endeavors, community centers, associations, private sector organizations, public institutions and more.

Are you committed to creating positive and safe horticulture learning environments for youth? Let us know! We'd love to have you as a partner or volunteer.