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Western Extension Leadership Development

The Western Extension Leadership Development (WELD) program is a two-year program designed for Cooperative Extension faculty, agents, advisors, educators, and specialists in the Western United States and territories.

2019 - 2020 | WELD X Program

WELD X Program Announcement and Application

Announcing WELD X

The Western Extension Leadership Development (WELD) program, designed for Cooperative Extension professionals in the Western United States and Territories, requires a 15-month commitment from participating interns. The WELD program consists of four dynamic learning experiences:

  1. A personal leadership inventory and assessment;
  2. leadership seminar covering leadership styles, defining direction, working together through teams, community action process, ethical decision-making, and more;
  3. An individual innovative leadership project with support and resources, such as a case study documentation and mentoring relationships; and
  4. A capstone seminar during which participants share their innovative projects.

To see past WELD Seminar 1 and 2 program agendas, visit the WELD Events webpage.

WELD X Program Important Dates

  • Nov. 15, 2018 - State Extension Directors submit approved applications to WELD X Planning Committee
  • Jan. 2019 - Personal Leadership Inventory and Assessment completed by Interns
  • March 2019 - WELD X Seminar 1 - Oregon, Dates TBA
  • May 2020 - WELD X Seminar 2 - Location and specific dates TBD
WELD IX – Seminar 2 participants at Ghost Ranch, northern New Mexico WELD IX – Seminar 2 participants at Ghost Ranch, northern New Mexico
WELD IX – Seminar 1 participants at the RL Hotel in Spokane, WA WELD IX – Seminar 1 participants at the RL Hotel in Spokane, WA

WELD X Program Fee

The fee for the 15-month program is $1,600 per intern. This fee is generally covered by the intern’s Extension organization. The fee includes registration for two WELD X seminars, leadership inventory activities, communication, training sessions, materials, and certain meals. The registration fee does not include travel, lodging, and some meals, and is not refundable once an individual begins the WELD program.

WELD X Planning Committee

  • Alaska: TBD
  • Arizona: Elizabeth Sparks
  • California: Shannon Mueller
  • Colorado: Judy Barth
  • Idaho: Nav Ghimire
  • Montana: Pat McGlynn
  • Nevada: TBD
  • New Mexico: Christina Turner, Chair
  • Oregon: Frank Burris, Secretary
  • Utah: Andree’ Walker Bravo
  • Washington: Mark Heitstuman
  • Wyoming: TBD
  • 1994 Land Grant Colleges: TBD
  • Pacific Territories Land Grant Colleges: TBD
  • Western Extension Directors Liaison: Jon Boren, New Mexico

For more information, explore the WELD website or contact your State Extension Director or any of the WELD Planning Committee members.

2019-2020 WELD X Application

Download the fillable application form