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Botanical and Test Gardens

Master Gardener Herb Gardens

Many herbs originated in a dry Mediterranean climate and can grow well here in the Mojave Desert.

There are two Herb Garden areas designed and maintained by the Master Gardeners: the residential plantings in the Courtyard and the herb farm in the Outdoor Education Center. The residential plantings demonstrate how to incorporate herbs into your landscape: raised beds, plant pots, formal layout design and informal accents.

Master Gardeners grow a variety of seasonal and perennial herbs. Common culinary herbs include: basil, oregano, thyme, etc. Herb trials of more unusual herbs such as galangal, turmeric and ginger are tested in the Herb Farm. We also experiment with different varieties (mint, lavender, alliums, basil, etc.) to see which grow best here. Edible flowers (nasturtiums, borage, bergamot) add color to the herb gardens. Also grown are greens such as shiso, arugula and mustards. Master Gardeners hold an annual Herb and Bake Sale to fund new purchases.

Master Gardeners invite the public to join them "In the Gardens" on their workdays. Contact the Master Gardener Help Desk (702-257-5555) for monthly dates and times.

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