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Botanical and Test Gardens

Master Gardener Cactus Garden


The cactus garden at the University of Nevada cooperative extension botanical garden was began over 10 years ago. The location was chosen because there was no landscape in the back of the building next to administration. A few cacti were planted without any irrigation. Over the years, the area has been fully developed with the help of many volunteers, including the Master Gardeners. There are well over 200 cacti species and cultivars found in the total landscape of the gardens. Most are within the bounds of the expanding cactus garden. There are also other succulents, such as agaves and aloes. Although most blooms are produced by the cacti in the spring and early summer, visitors may find blooms throughout the warm season. We encourage people to visit and enjoy the diversity of cacti from various parts of the Americas. There is always the opportunity to volunteer and learn more about cacti in the Mojave Desert.