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Title Author Number
Any Way You Slice It - ApplesWilsonFS-10-63
Astounding AsparagusWilsonFS-10-61
Awesome AvocadoWilsonFS-10-58
Banana: A Favorite FruitWilsonFS-10-62
Can’t Beat a CantaloupeWilsonFS-10-50
Cauliflower PowerWilsonFS-10-51
Choose CherriesWilsonFS-10-60
Cream of the Crop: CornWilsonFS-10-54
Cruciferous CabbageWilsonFS-10-59
From Plums to PrunesWilsonFS-11-30
Great GrapesWilsonFS-10-53
Heavenly HoneydewWilsonFS-10-55
How Sweet It Is - Sweet PotatoesWilsonFS-11-31
Just Peachy!WilsonFS-11-26
Pass the Peas, PleaseWilsonFS-11-27
Pick of the Crop - OrangesWilsonFS-11-24
Pineapple - The Tropical TreatWilsonFS-11-29
Sensational StrawberriesWilsonFS-11-33
Sweet Bell PeppersWilsonFS-11-28
Tater TalkWilsonFS-11-32
The Amazing Nutritious PapayaWilsonFS-11-25
The Incredible CarrotWilsonFS-10-52
The Unbelievable KiwiWilsonFS-11-23

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