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A Homeowner’s Guide to Planting Crested WheatgrassE. Smith, J. Davison, CarlosFS-99-96
A Quick Guide to CompostingJohnsonFS-00-17
Becoming a Desert GardenerO’CallaghanSP-01-15
Can arsenic in soil and water contaminate home-grown vegetables?Walker, Skelly, McAdooFS-09-09
Common Tomato Disorders under Desert ConditionsMills, JohnsonFS-88-60
Container GardeningRobertsFS-00-42
Creating an Organic Garden in Southern NevadaO’Callaghan, McKieFS-04-72
EarwigsMcKie, SkellyFS-01-41
Fertilizing Your Vegetable GardenKratschFS-10-68
Freeze damage to plants in Lower Elevations of Southern NevadaMorris, CritesSP-07-18
Gardening Guide for High-Desert Urban Landscapes of Great Basin Regions in Nevada and UtahKratsch, HeflebowerSP-13-09
Gardening Records Made SimplePowell, JohnsonSP-05-03
Getting Started with a Vegetable GardenKratsch, Allen, MazetFS-10-15
Ground CoversA. RobertsSP-99-12
Growing a School GardenSkelly, SeymourSP-10-14
Growing Pomegranates in Southern NevadaCrites, Robison, MillsFS-04-76
Home Vegetable Production in Southern NevadaO'CallaghanFS-02-61
Hoop House Production in the Desert: Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae CropsGatzkeSP-12-07
Introduction to HouseplantsRoberts, RobinsonFS-98-91
Irrigating (Watering) Your Vegetable GardenKratschFS-10-16
La Propagacion de las Plantas de InteriorRoberts, RobinsonFS-99-60
Perennials in the GardenRoberts, RobinsonFS-98-93
Plant Annuals for ColorRoberts, RobinsonFS-98-94
Plant Season Extension in the DesertGatzke, NelsonFS-09-39
Plantas Perennes en el JardínRoberts, RobinsonFS-99-61
Selected Culinary Herbs-Harvesting, Preservation, and UsageBishop, StoesserFS-15-04
Selecting Vegetable Crops for Small-Scale Desert ProductionGatzkeSP-12-11
Siembre Plantas Anuales Para Darle Color al PaisajeRoberts, RobinsonFS-99-62
Soil Testing Guide for Nevada Home GardenersGatzke, NelsonFS-09-38
The Date Palm Gardening Guide for Southern NevadaRobinsonFS-02-99
The Rose in the Desert SouthwestMills, Johnson, O’CallaghanSP-03-15
Vegetable Gardening in Moapa and Virgin ValleysWittwer, Crites, ProctorSP-09-01

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