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Cooperative Extension's horticulture programs teach homeowners and park and golf course managers to irrigate wisely, save water, and adopt environmentally friendly landscape techniques.

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Title Author Number
Introduction to Desert LivingRobinsonAV-02-01
The Basics of Water PollutionDonaldson, HefnerAV-05-11
Urbanization and the Water CycleDonaldson, HefnerAV-05-12
Water Quality Challenges Facing Our CommunityDonaldson, HefnerAV-05-13
Impacts of Urbanization on WaterwaysDonaldson, HefnerAV-05-14
Strategies for Coping with Polluted RunoffConway, Kennnedy, Jenks, DonaldsonAV-05-15
Evaluating Alternative Low-Water-Use Crops for the Great BasinBishop, Curtis, EmmCM-10-03
Cycads in Southern NevadaRobinsonCM-10-04
Cacti and Succulents in Southern NevadaRobinsonCM-12-04
Fighting Invasive Weeds - A Northeastern Nevada Landowners' Guide to Healthy LandscapesMcAdoo, Johnson, Wilson, Donaldson, GrahamEB-05-02
Don’t Bag It™ Lawn Care Program for Southern NevadaMorris, HengenFS-00-10
A Quick Guide to CompostingJohnsonFS-00-17
You Can Help Fight the War on Invasive Weeds in Southern NevadaCrites, Holloway, JohnsonFS-00-27
Lyon County Needs AssessmentSingletaryFS-00-33
Container GardeningRobertsFS-00-42
Yellow Starthistle is Invading Nevada!JohnsonFS-01-02
Scheduling Turfgrass Irrigations Worksheet #1: Water Available to the Grass from the SoilMorris, DevittFS-01-04
Scheduling Turfgrass Irrigations Worksheet #2: Irrigation Efficiency and Leaching FractionDevitt, MorrisFS-01-05
Scheduling Turfgrass Irrigations Worksheet #3: Setting the ControllerDevitt, MorrisFS-01-06
Is the Spittle on My Junipers?Johnson, KnightFS-01-11
Growing Your Own Clean AirRobinsonFS-01-17
Concrete Problems with Desert SoilsDevitt, MorrisFS-01-18
Marssonina Leaf Spot and Twig BlightJohnson, E. PostFS-01-27
Firescaping - Landscape Design for Defensible SpaceSkellyFS-01-33
EarwigsMcKie, SkellyFS-01-41
Choosing the Right Tree for your LandscapeR. DavisFS-01-48
Commonly Planted Evergreens in Lander CountyR. DavisFS-01-49
Commonly Planted Large Deciduous Trees in Lander CountyR. DavisFS-01-50
Commonly Planted Small Deciduous Tress in Lander CountyR. DavisFS-01-51
Managing Western Flower Thrips in the Home LandscapeSkellyFS-01-52
Oleander - A Versatile Shrub for Southern NevadaZimmerman, Johnson, O’CallaghanFS-01-54
Fire BlightSkelly, O’CallaghanFS-01-56
Methods for Propagating House PlantsRobertsFS-01-86
Aphids and Their Management in Home GardensMcKie, JohnsonFS-02-10
Blue Orchard Bee - Fruit Tree Pollination Made EasyWolf, JohnsonFS-02-11
Nimblewill Control in Nevada LawnsZimmerman, Johnson, S. LewisFS-02-42
Home Vegetable Production in Southern NevadaO'CallaghanFS-02-61
Recognizing Plant Nutrient DeficienciesO'CallaghanFS-02-65
Sampling and interpretation of Landscape Irrigation WaterMorris, DevittFS-02-91
The Date Palm Gardening Guide for Southern NevadaRobinsonFS-02-99
Fairy Rings in LawnsCarlos, Wang, Skelly, R. DavisFS-03-20
Bacterial Wetwood and Alcoholic FluxHanson, DonaldsonFS-03-33
Hardening Off PlantsDavis, O’CallaghanFS-03-71
Managing Squarrose KnapweedGraham, JohnsonFS-04-38
Managing Spotted KnapweedGraham, JohnsonFS-04-39
Creating an Organic Garden in Southern NevadaO’Callaghan, McKieFS-04-72
Controlling and Preventing ThatchCarlos, Davis, JohnsonFS-04-73
Growing Pomegranates in Southern NevadaCrites, Robison, MillsFS-04-76
Evaluation of Landsscape Management Short CourseDavisFS-04-77
Melting Out Disease of LawnsGraham, JohnsonFS-05-01
Managing Landscape Water Use in the Las Vegas ValleyMorris, DevittFS-05-27
A Homeowner's Guide to CheatgrassDavison, E. SmithFS-05-29
General Care of Maples: Managin Phyllosticta Leaf Spot DiseaseNelson, Rowley, JohnsonFS-05-47
Russian Knapweed ControlSkellyFS-05-51
Controlling Necrotic Ring Spot Cool Season GrassesCarlosFS-05-52
Identification and Management of Mormon CricketsMacknet, Breazeale, JohnsonFS-06-16
Identification and Management of Oxeye DaisyJohnson, StromFS-06-17
An Assessment of Headline Issues in Pershing CountyBreazealeFS-06-18
What is Nonpoint Source Pollution?Donaldson, HefnerFS-06-42
What to Do About AutomobilesDonaldson, HefnerFS-06-43
What to Do About Fertilizers and PesticidesDonaldson, HefnerFS-06-44
What to Do About Household ChemicalsDonaldson, HefnerFS-06-45
What to Do in Your Landscape and GardenDonaldson, HefnerFS-06-46
What to Do About Pet WastesDonaldson, HefnerFS-06-47
What to Do When Enjoying Recreational ActivitiesDonaldson, HefnerFS-06-48
What to Do About Septic SystemsDonaldson, HefnerFS-06-49
What to Do to Conserve WaterDonaldson, HefnerFS-06-50
What to Do About Private Water WellsDonaldson, HefnerFS-06-51
Selection and Care of Ornamental Grasses for Northern NevadaBadertscher, AllenFS-06-83
Managing Boxelder BugsClyde SorensonFS-06-84
Living Windbreaks for Desert DwellersMorris, CritesFS-06-88
A Simple Enhancement for Rodent Snap Traps - The Mouse that Didn’t Get AwayPaxsonFS-06-92
Planting on Septic Leach FieldsDonaldson, HansonFS-07-32
Data for Nevada Counties: Lincoln County, NevadaBorden, GatzkeFS-07-35
Identification and Management of Russian-OliveCreech, RaffertyFS-07-39
Lantana: An Attractive Shrub for Desert LandscapesO’CallaghanFS-07-40
Selecting Street Trees for Northern NevadaDavis, JohnsonFS-07-52
Squash Bug Control in Home GardensSkellyFS-08-22
Soil solarization to control garden pestsO’CallaghanFS-08-29
Starting a Horticultural Business: Primary ConsiderationsGatzke, CurtisFS-08-43
Weather, Water, Deserts, PeopleFultonFS-08-44
Constructed Wetlands for Water FiltrationRobinson, Franzen, Williams, FultonFS-08-45
Establishing a Plant Production SiteGatzke, Morris, PaxsonFS-08-47
Can arsenic in soil and water contaminate home-grown vegetables?Walker, Skelly, McAdooFS-09-09
Pets and Pesticide UseDonaldson, Hefner, MosesFS-10-06
Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Pest Control OperatorDonaldson, Hefner, Carpenter, LawrenceFS-10-07
Getting Started with a Vegetable GardenKratsch, Allen, MazetFS-10-15
Irrigating (Watering) Your Vegetable GardenKratschFS-10-16
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Broadleaf PlantainDonaldson, MazetFS-10-17
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Buckhorn PlantainDonaldson, MazetFS-10-18
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Bull ThistleDonaldson, MazetFS-10-19
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Bur ButtercupDonaldson, MazetFS-10-20
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Common MallowDonaldson, MazetFS-10-21
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Common MulleinDonaldson, MazetFS-10-22
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Common PurslaneDonaldson, MazetFS-10-23
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing DandelionsDonaldson, MazetFS-10-24
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing FlixweedDonaldson, MazetFS-10-25
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Hare BarleyDonaldson, MazetFS-10-26
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing KochiaDonaldson, MazetFS-10-27
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Prickly LettuceDonaldson, MazetFS-10-28
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Redroot PigweedDonaldson, MazetFS-10-29
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Redstem FilareeDonaldson, MazetFS-10-30
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Russian ThistlesDonaldson, MazetFS-10-31
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Tumble MustardDonaldson, MazetFS-10-32
Raised Beds Can Make Gardening EasierO’CallaghanFS-10-33
Fertilizing Your Vegetable GardenKratschFS-10-68
Maintaining Tall Fescue Turfgrass in Urban Mojave Desert LandscapesMorris, KopecFS-10-70
Maintaining Bermudagrass Lawns in the Mojave DesertMorris, KopecFS-10-71
Palm Problems That Aren’tRobinson, O’CallaghanFS-10-72
Poda De PalmerasRobinson, SchaererFS-11-51
Turfgrasses for Urban Mojave Desert LandscapesMorris, DevittFS-11-52
Problemas De Palmeras Que En Realided No Son ProblemasRobinson, O’Callaghan, SchaererFS-11-53
Lawn Establishment in the Mojave DesertMorris, DevittFS-11-54
Is it Time to Use a Pesticide?Donaldson, SkellyFS-11-58
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Curlycup GumweedDonaldson, MazetFS-11-60
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Blue MustardDonaldson, MazetFS-11-61
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Western SalsifyDonaldson, MazetFS-11-62
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Common LambsquartersDonaldson, MazetFS-11-63
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Annual BursageDonaldson, MazetFS-11-64
Using Preemergence Herbicides for Weed Control in the Home LandscapeDonaldson, SkellyFS-11-67
Are You Sure You Have a Pest Problem?Hefner, Donaldson, Kratsch, SkellyFS-12-23
Not All Bugs Are BadKratsch, Donaldson, Hefner, SkellyFS-12-24
Beat What’s Pestering Your PlantsSkelly, Donaldson, Kratsch, HefnerFS-12-25
Feed Your Soil, Not Your PlantsHefner, Donaldson, Kratsch, SkellyFS-12-26
Keep Your Lawn GreenKratsch, Donaldson, Skelly, HefnerFS-12-27
What is That Brown Spot in My Lawn?Hefner, Donaldson, Kratsch, SkellyFS-12-28
Fighting Weeds in Your Lawn?Donaldson, Kratsch, Skelly, HefnerFS-12-29
Is This Pest Control Product Safe?Donaldson, Hefner, Skelly, KratschFS-12-30
What to Know Before Using a PesticideDonaldson, Skelly, Kratsch, HefnerFS-12-31
Lower-Risk Insect Control ProductsHefner, Donaldson, Kratsch, SkellyFS-12-32
’Fruit’ Flower and Seed Vegetable Varieties for the Moapa and Virgin ValleysBishop, StoesserFS-13-05
Leaf Vegetable Varieties for the Moapa and Virgin ValleysBishop, StoesserFS-13-06
Root Vegetable Varieties for the Moapa and Virgin ValleysBishop, StoesserFS-13-07
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing ChicoryDonaldson, Hanson MazetFS-13-10
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Common CockleburDonaldson, Hanson MazetFS-13-11
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Cutleaf NightshadeDonaldson, Hanson MazetFS-13-12
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Black MedicDonaldson, Hanson MazetFS-13-13
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Coyote TobaccoDonaldson, Hanson MazetFS-13-14
A Northern Nevada Homeowner’s Guide to Identifying and Managing Poverty SumpweedDonaldson, Hanson MazetFS-13-15
Horticultural Oils - What a Gardener Needs to KnowSkellyFS-13-20
Using Chicken Manure Safely in Home Gardens and LandscapesSaliga, SkellyFS-13-23
Penstemons Are for Great Basin GardensKratschFS-13-35
Use Fertilizers Sparingly on Lawns at Lake TahoeCobourn, KratschFS-13-37
Water-efficient Lawn Irrigation for Properties at Lake TahoeCobourn, KratschFS-13-38
Deer-resistant Plants for Northern NevadaSkellyFS-14-06
Green Fountain GrassO’Callaghan, RobinsonFS-14-11
Getting Started With Backyard Fruit Trees in Northern NevadaKratsch, MazetFS-14-14
Planting Trees in Northern Nevada LandscapesKratsch, Hanson MazetFS-15-02
Selected Culinary Herbs-Harvesting, Preservation, and UsageBishop, StoesserFS-15-04
Hydroponics: A Brief Guide to Growing Food Without SoilTreftz, Kratsch, OmayeFS-15-08
Soil Properties, Part 3 of 3: Chemical CharacteristicsFoster, Urbanowitz, Gatzke, SchultzFS-16-02
Como Plantar Arboles / How to Plant TreesKratsch, Mazet, SchaererFS-16-05
Como Podar los Arboles / How to Prune TreesKratsch, Mazet, SchaererFS-16-06
Growing Sweet Potatoes in the DesertRobinson, O’Callaghan, WynneFS-17-02
Como Mantener Saludable el Cesped; How to Maintain Healthy LawnsKratsch, Mazet, SchaererFS-17-03
Growing Hops in Southern NevadaWynne, Robinson, O’Callaghan, AndersonFS-17-05
Chinese or Lace-Bark Elm - The Tough City TreeJohnsonFS-85-33
Fall Gardening Checklist for Southern NevadaMills, JohnsonFS-87-34
Grafting and BuddingPostFS-87-47
Using the Western Honey Mesquite in a Southwest LandscapeJohnsonFS-88-46
Common Tomato Disorders under Desert ConditionsMills, JohnsonFS-88-60
Preventing Winter Injury to Landscape PlantsJohnson, Mills, HillFS-88-74
Plants for the Lake Tahoe BasinPostFS-89-64
Developing a Water-Efficient LandscapeCoxFS-91-54
Trees for Tahoe LandscapesJohnson, ChristophersonFS-92-49
Turf and Erosion Control Grasses for the Tahoe BasinChristopherson, JohnsonFS-92-53
Wildflowers for the Tahoe EnvironmentChristopherson, JohnsonFS-92-54
Proven Palms for Southern Nevada LandscapesMills, Hammond, JohnsonFS-92-72
Grapes for Nothern Nevada : University of Nevada, Reno Grape Trials, 1982-1992Wolf, JohnsonFS-93-14
Designing a Landscape Drip Irrigation System for Southern NevadaCoxFS-93-82
Planting Bare Root Trees and Shrubs in NevadaJohnson, Neufeld, Hammond, ChristophersonFS-93-83
Vertical Mulch for Healthier Trees and ShrubsHammond, Mills, JohnsonFS-93-87
Using Fertilizers Properly A Tahoe Landscape BMP* Fact Sheet for Lake TahoeChristopherson, PostFS-94-11
Aleppo Pine BlightDyka, JohnsonFS-94-40
A Guide for Hand Planting: 10 Steps to Successful Tree PlantingRowley, JohnsonFS-94-45
Turf Fertilization at Lake TahoePost, ChristophersonFS-94-64
Training and Pruning Grapes in Southern NevadaWolf, JohnsonFS-95-04
Endangered Species Protection ProgramJohnson, McKie, MosesFS-95-45
Ways to Protect the Desert TortoiseEnglin, Mitchell, Crites, BakerFS-95-52
Characteristics of the Desert TortoiseEnglin, Mitchell, Crites, BakerFS-95-53
History and Habitat of the Desert TortoiseEnglin, Mitchell, Crites, BakerFS-95-54
Behavior of the Desert TortoiseEnglin, Mitchell, Crites, BakerFS-95-55
Spider Mite Management in Home GardensMcKie, JohnsonFS-96-05
Managing Sooty CankerJohnson, Morris, MandekicFS-96-26
Management of Verticillium Wilt of OliveJohnson, Mandekic, Morris, MillsFS-96-30
Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Defensible SpaceE. SmithFS-96-39
What Grows Back After The Fire?E. Smith, J. DavisonFS-96-40
Beneficial Insects in the Home GardenPostFS-96-49
Moapa Valley Surge Irrigation StudyDevitt, AndersonFS-97-08
Tips for Successfully Planting Willows in Riparian AreasZonge, J. Davison, SwansonFS-97-09
Subsurface Drip IrrigationNeufeld, J. Davison, StevensonFS-97-13
A Public Issues Education Approach to Natural Resource QuestionsSingletaryFS-97-23
Selecting a Process for Issues EducationSingletaryFS-97-24
Greenstrips: Another Tool to Manage WildfireJ. Davison, E. SmithFS-97-36
Water Banking: What is it and how does it work?SingletaryFS-98-09
Water Banking: A Solution to Water ScarcitySingletaryFS-98-10
Recreational Activities and Issues in the Walker River BasinSingletaryFS-98-18
Demand for Recreational Water in the Walker River BasinSingletary, Fadali, ShawFS-98-28
Bark Beetles in the Lake Tahoe BasinDonaldson, SeyboldFS-98-40
Pheromones in Insect Pest ManagementSeybold, DonaldsonFS-98-41
Thinning and Sanitation: Tools for the Management of Bark Beetles in the Lake Tahoe BasinDonaldson, SeyboldFS-98-42
Rock Climbing Access and the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation AreaEspey, Longhurst, Lopez, ShawFS-98-50
The Plant Death SpiralJohnson, Robinson, PostFS-98-59
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Klamath WeedRowley, JohnsonFS-98-67
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Leafy SpurgeRowley, JohnsonFS-98-68
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! MedusaheadRowley, JohnsonFS-98-69
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Musk ThistleRowley, JohnsonFS-98-70
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Purple LoosestrifeRowley, JohnsonFS-98-71
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Rush SkeletonweedRowley, JohnsonFS-98-72
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Russian KnapweedRowley, JohnsonFS-98-73
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! SaltcedarRowley, JohnsonFS-98-74
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Scotch ThistleRowley, JohnsonFS-98-75
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Spotted KnapweedRowley, JohnsonFS-98-76
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Squarrose KnapweedRowley, JohnsonFS-98-77
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Sulfur CinquefoilRowley, JohnsonFS-98-78
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Tall WhitetopRowley, JohnsonFS-98-79
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Yellow StarthistleRowley, JohnsonFS-98-80
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Yellow ToadflaxRowley, JohnsonFS-98-81
Introduction to HouseplantsRoberts, RobinsonFS-98-91
Propagating HouseplantsRoberts, RobinsonFS-98-92
Perennials in the GardenRoberts, RobinsonFS-98-93
Plant Annuals for ColorRoberts, RobinsonFS-98-94
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! African RueRowley, JohnsonFS-99-03
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Austrian PeaweedRowley, JohnsonFS-99-04
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! CamelthornRowley, JohnsonFS-99-05
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! GoatsrueRowley, JohnsonFS-99-06
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Poison HemlockRowley, JohnsonFS-99-07
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Western WaterhemlockRowley, JohnsonFS-99-08
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! White HorsenettleRowley, JohnsonFS-99-09
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Wild LicoriceRowley, JohnsonFS-99-10
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Mediterranean SageRowley, JohnsonFS-99-11
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! PuncturevineRowley, JohnsonFS-99-12
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! JohnsongrassRowley, JohnsonFS-99-13
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Canada ThistleRowley, JohnsonFS-99-14
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Iberian StarthistleRowley, JohnsonFS-99-15
Wanted Dead, Not Alive! Perennial SowthistleRowley, JohnsonFS-99-16
The Jerusalem CricketJohnson, KnightFS-99-35
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2009 Program HighlightsGood, Sloan, Ming, Trent, Toth, MillsIP-09-04
Helping the Nevada economy: How Cooperative Extension programs create jobs, spark investmentSloanIP-11-04
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2013 Program HighlightsWharton, MingIP-13-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2014 Program HighlightsWharton, Ming, KozsanIP-14-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2015 Program HighlightsWharton, Ming, KozsanIP-15-01
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension 2017 Program HighlightsWharton, KozsanIP-17-01
Scouting the LandscapeRobinson, Johnson, Post, CarlosSP-00-02
Personal Protective EquipmentJohnsonSP-00-10
Horticulture Spanish / English SeriesCarlosSP-00-22
Starting a Worm FarmRobinson, RiderSP-00-26
Allergenic Plants in Southern NevadaM.L. RobinsonSP-00-28
Shade Factors in Southern Nevada Using Trees and Shrubs for Shading Outdoor SpacesRobinson, EddingtonSP-01-13
Becoming a Desert GardenerO’CallaghanSP-01-15
Yellow Starthistle Control in Nevada - An Integrated Approach to Invasive Weed ManagementZimmerman, Johnson, EiswerthSP-01-16
Weed Killers - Their Effect on PlantsA. O'CallaghanSP-02-08
Cultivated Palm Seed GerminationM.L. RobinsonSP-02-09
The Date Palm in Southern NevadaRobinson, Brown, WilliamsSP-02-12
The Rose in the Desert SouthwestMills, Johnson, O’CallaghanSP-03-15
My Tree LogRowley, NelsonSP-04-03
A Guide to Desert BioscapeRobinson, Johnson, Post, CarlosSP-04-12
Pruning Palm TreesM.L RobinsonSP-04-16
Gardening Records Made SimplePowell, JohnsonSP-05-03
Fertilizers for Turfgrass in Southern NevadaMorris, DevittSP-05-10
Pesticide Safety Tips For Private and Commercial Applicators Best Management PracticesStrom, JohnsonSP-05-11
Fuel Management Terms for HomeownersE. SmithSP-05-15
Common Butterflies of Southern NevadaM. RyanSP-05-25
Selected Native Trees of Northern Nevada - Are They Right for the Home Landscape?SkellySP-06-04
Native and Naturalized Conifers of Nevada - Checkllist and DescriptionJohnson, Strom, Rowley, NelsonSP-06-05
Identification of Common Landscape Pests and Beneficial Organisms in NevadaJohnson, Graham, StromSP-06-08
Mulches for Nevada LandscapesO’CallaghanSP-06-10
Computer-Aided Plant Selection, Adapted Landscape Trees for Northeastern Nevada, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 3PaxsonSP-06-21
Computer-Aided Plant Selection, Adapted Landscape Trees for Northeastern Nevada, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 4PaxsonSP-06-22
Computer-Aided Plant Selection, Adapted Landscape Trees for Northeastern Nevada, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 5PaxsonSP-06-23
Computer-Aided Plant Selection, Adapted Landscape Trees for Northeastern Nevada, USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 6PaxsonSP-06-24
Plant Hardiness Zones in Nevada HorticulturePaxsonSP-06-25
Essential Plant Nutrients in Nevada HorticulturePaxsonSP-06-26
Growing Giant Pumpkins in Pahrump, NevadaBixler, LoweSP-07-05
Selected Native Shrubs of Northern Nevada - Are They Right for the Home Landscape?Skelly, McAdooSP-07-12
Freeze damage to plants in Lower Elevations of Southern NevadaMorris, CritesSP-07-18
Complex 2030 Proposal Estimated Economic Impacts on Northern Nye and Esmeralda CountiesBorden, Harris, Fadali, MeierSP-08-15
Mesquite Business Retention and Expansion Survey ResultsBorden, Crites, HarrisSP-08-17
2007 Caliente Community Visioning SurveyBorden, GatzkeSP-08-18
Colorado River Region Targeted Economic Development Analysis: A Community Business Matching Model ApproachBorden, Harris, Alevy, GrumblesSP-08-19
Identifying Palms Southern NevadaDykaSP-08-24
Vegetable Gardening in Moapa and Virgin ValleysWittwer, Crites, ProctorSP-09-01
Northern Nevada Green Industry Needs AssessmentAllenSP-09-12
Identification and Management of Perennial Pepperweed (Tall Whitetop)DonaldsonSP-10-07
How to Read a Soil Analysis ReportO’CallaghanSP-10-12
Growing a School GardenSkelly, SeymourSP-10-14
Amargosa Farm Road Solar Energy Project - Socioeconomic ImpactsBorden, Evans, HarrisSP-10-15
Common Plant Problems in Northern Nevada: Look for C.L.U.E.SKratschSP-11-12
Some Good Native Plants for Great Basin LandscapesKratschSP-11-13
Designing Landscapes for Northern Nevada’s Arid ClimateKratsch, SkellySP-11-15
Boron- and Salt-Tolerant Trees and Shrubs for northern NevadaKratschSP-12-04
Exotic Insects Invading Nevada’s Trees!Skelly, O’CallaghanSP-12-06
Situational Analysis: Horticulture Needs and Trends in NevadaKratsch, SkellySP-12-12
Creating a Community GardenO’Callaghan, Fagin, RobinsonSP-13-07
Gardening Guide for High-Desert Urban Landscapes of Great Basin Regions in Nevada and UtahKratsch, HeflebowerSP-13-09
Introduction to PruningRobinson, O’Callaghan, AndersonSP-13-13
Flowers at the Border: Plant native flowers around your yard to attract native pollinators and other beneficial insectsKratschSP-14-07
Results of a Mailed Survey: Priorities for Wells, NevadaBaker-Tingey, Smith, SingletarySP-14-11
Pruning Desert Shrubs in Southern Nevada-Type ClimatesRobinson, O’Callaghan, AndersonSP-14-13
Pruning Cacti and Other Desert SucculentsRobinson, O’Callaghan, AndersonSP-16-01
A Homeowner’s Guide to Integrated Pest Management (IPM)Kratsch, HefnerSP-17-13
Evaluation of Food Action Planning Committee Meeting and Urban Agriculture and Food Sustainability Forum, August 23-24, 2017Buffington, BosketSP-18-01
The All Seeing All Known Lawn Care ManualPost, Carlos, Mills, MorrisSP-93-02
Invasive Plants in Nevada: An Identification HandbookStoddard, Johnson, R. WilsonSP-96-03
Desert Bioscape: A Sustainable Urban EnvironmentRobinsonSP-98-08
Management of Russian Knapweed in NevadaKettle, R. WilsonSP-98-09
Growing Tomatoes in Southern NevadaA. RobertsSP-99-11
Ground CoversA. RobertsSP-99-12

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