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In Tune with Kids

In Tune with Kids

Welcome to In Tune with Kids - information that helps parents provide fun and healthy learning activities for their children.

When parents offer exciting and nurturing settings for children, they:

  • learn faster
  • enjoy learning
  • feel better about themselves
  • feel closer to their parents
  • and do better in school

In Tune with Kids is built around 94 easy, learn at home activity sheets, packed with nearly 185 age-paced learning activities. Prepared especially for parents with young children, the simple activities cover:

  • language
  • creative play
  • language play
  • discovery and thinking games
  • physical development
  • music
  • art
  • nutrition
  • and self-discovery

The fun, easy-to-do activities are just right for busy parents and children. Most activities take less than five minutes to do.

The activity sheets are divided into three age groupings: