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Tall Whitetop

Noxious Weeds

What is a "noxious" weed?

By Nevada law (NRS 555.005), a "noxious weed" is "any species of plant which is, or is likely to be, detrimental or destructive and difficult to control or eradicate."

Noxious weeds can be characterized by the 3 Ds:

  • Difficult to control
  • Damaging to the environment and the local economy
  • Dominant, smothering other vegetation and taking over

When Nevada law deems a weed "noxious," its distribution in commerce is prohibited and its control or management is mandated. This means that the owner of land on which a noxious weed is found is responsible for controlling the weed.

Early control is the key

Now is the time to tackle the alien weed problem before it becomes outrageously expensive and harmful to the environment and our water quality. University of Nevada Cooperative Extension is working with federal, state and local agencies and concerned citizens to get a handle on tall whitetop and other invaders before it's too late. You can help by calling your local Cooperative Extension office when you spot new infestations, or to join the Weed Warriors and "adopt a spot." Help us wage the WAR ON WEEDS!