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Family Storyteller

Impact of the Family Storyteller Program

Parents have been very enthusiastic about the program, with most rating the major components of the workshops as either a 4 or 5 on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being extremely satisfied.

Parents have significantly increased their use of key skills that help their children get the most out of book reading, such as:

  • Letting children pick out books
  • Sitting close
  • Talking about the cover
  • Guessing what happens next
  • Naming pictures
  • Using expression in voice
  • Pointing out new words
  • Connecting to real life
  • Reading slowly
  • Asking what happened
  • Having children tell story back
  • Setting regular reading time

Also, as a result of participating in the programs, parents and children have increased the amount of time they spend reading together and their enjoyment of joint book reading. Children have increased their understanding of basic book reading concepts.

We have conducted Family Storyteller workshops at numerous sites across Nevada and since the workshops began in 1997, we have reached over 1,225 families at 166 sites across the state. We also have trained 208 volunteers - mostly teachers, children's librarians, agency staff, and child care providers - to deliver the workshops. The program now has been used in over 20 states.