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Family Storyteller

What Parents and Facilitators Say

What Parents Say

Parents tell us how the program has affected their families. We can see from their comments that many of them have limited language skills.

  • "I can help my child learn to read now, develop language and listening skills, so that she can do very, very good in school."
  • "I so happy to come and this class is really important for our kids to learn reading. I lern [sic] and I like everything."
  • "This a great program. I liked the home activity and book and also my children injod [sic] a lot."
  • "Family Storyteller is one of the better programs that I have attended."
  • "What a wonderful way to teach parents about the importance of reading to your child & the road to literacy!"
  • "My daughter and myself had a wonderful time together during the workshop. Her reading has increased."

What Facilitators Say

Trained workshop leaders relay positive experiences.

  • "The program is excellent at building the vocabulary skills of our low-literacy parents."
  • "Parents mentioned that they changed the way they read with their kids."
  • "Many of the children did not have books in the house."
  • "Parents said how much the kids wanted to read the books when they got home."
  • "Families looked forward to coming."
  • "Parents related to the parents on the videos...'I', not so bad'."
  • "Families loved the take home activities. They were awesome!"
  • "Parents and teachers from other schools wanted to get the program at their schools."