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Family Storyteller

10 Reasons to Read to Your Child

  1. Holding your children close while you read is an expression of love.
  2. You bring the magic of books to your children. You are the storyteller!
  3. You show your children how important reading is by modeling. Children learn by watching you.
  4. Books are a great way to talk about characters and their problems. You can laugh and cry together.
  5. Reading to your children gives them a chance to hear a variety of new words. They are learning new words in a fun way.
  6. Books can help you pass on your values in an easy and comfortable way.
  7. By reading books to your children, you can increase their listening skills. Their attention span will get longer. This will help them in school.
  8. By reading to your children, you help them stretch their imagination and thinking. It gives children a chance to dream.
  9. You are giving your children skills that will help them succeed in life.
  10. You are starting a wonderful tradition that your children will want to give to their own children.