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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-ED) in Nevada

The goal of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education in Nevada is to improve the nutritional well-being of SNAP recipients and other low-income Nevadans through community based education, programs and needs assessment.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension works with the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services to ensure those recipients learn how to best utilize their SNAP benefits to purchase foods that will provide the most nutritious choices and the greatest value. Nationally and in Nevada, SNAP-ED programs have proven to be worth the investment. In Nevada, SNAP-ED funds help support 13 UNCE educational programs designed to teach good nutrition and the importance of exercise to Nevada families.

SNAP-ED uses science-based, behaviorally focused interventions and can maximize its national impact by concentrating on key outcomes which focus on the 2010 Dietary Guidelines.