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NEMO Nevada (Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials)

Basic Workshops

The NEMO Nevada program offers several free educational workshops that last from 30 minutes to one hour. To schedule a workshop for your group of 15 or more, contact Sue Donaldson, Univerity of Nevada Cooperative Extension at (775) 784-4848 or

Water Quality Basics (30 minutes)

  • Point source pollution
  • Nonpoint source pollution
  • Types of nonpoint source pollutants and examples of sources
  • Nonpoint source pollutants that can result from various types of land uses

Urbanization and the Water Cycle (30 minutes)

  • The basic water cycle, infiltration, filtration and recharge
  • Concept of a watershed, with local examples
  • Naturally occurring challenges (soils, geomorphology, precipitation patterns)
  • Impervious surfaces
  • Alteration of the water cycle by development

Water Quality Challenges Facing Our Community (1 hour)

  • Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Clean Water Act
  • Beneficial uses
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimintion System
  • Water quality standards
  • Total Maximum Daily Load
  • Groundwater issues

Impacts on Waterways (1 hour)

  • Hydrology
  • Geomorphology - stream widening and erosion, decreased channel stability
  • Water quality
  • Habitat - loss of buffer zones, creation of fish passage barriers, increased algae growth, etc.
  • The impervious surfaces model

Strategies for Coping With Polluted Runoff (1 hour)

  • Existing local efforts
  • Low impact development practices
    • Benefits
    • Techniques
    • Planning strategies