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NEMO Nevada (Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials)

Photo of Tansy - painted daisy - pyrethum daisy

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Photos: Truckee Meadows Water Authority

Tansy - painted daisy - pyrethum daisy

Botanical Name: Tanacetum species

Can be used in these types of LID features:

  • Vegetated swales and large-scale features - YES
  • Bioretention cells/ rain gardens/small-scale features - YES
  • Green roofs - YES

Location in feature: Upland, Slope, Bottom

Plant characteristics:

  • Native Status: Introduced
  • Height: 1-2'
  • Mature shape or form: Erect, multiple leaves and flower stems
  • Flowering time: Varies with variety
  • Flower color: White to Pink to Red
  • Poor potential to be weedy or invasive
  • High commercial availability

Water issues:

  • Annual water requirement (in inches):
  • Drainage requirement: Requires good drainage
  • Poor tolerance of prolonged saturation
  • Poor tolerance of periodic flooding

Soil texture adaptation:

  • Poorly adapted to clay or fine-textured soils
  • Highly adapted to medium-textured soils
  • Highly adapted to coarse-textured soils

Other tolerances:

  • High drought tolerance
  • Poor salinity tolerance
  • Moderate wind tolerance
  • Moderate shade tolerance

Maintenance requirement: May rebloom if spent flowers are removed

Notes: Moderate water requirement; many varieties formerly classified as chrysanthemum

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