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Certification and Recertification

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Upon completion of the classroom phase of training, volunteers are designated as Master Gardener trainees. In order to become Certified Master Gardeners, trainees must complete and document 10 hours of approved volunteer service, 20 hours of phone response teamwork, and 20 hours of continuing education. The trainee period will extend for a maximum of 12 months from the date of completion of the classroom training.

To maintain certified status, Master Gardeners are required to perform and document 30 hours of volunteer service in approved Master Gardener projects or activities every year. Of these 30 hours, 10 hours of phone response teamwork or educational outreach presentations, 10 hours of volunteer service, and 10 hours of continuing education are required to recertify.

Being a Master Gardener Volunteer should be a fun learning experience and not a hardship. If any person is unable to complete any of the certification requirements, alternate arrangements can be made with the Master Gardener Coordinator.