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Living on the Land

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Weeds are sprouting fast! The ATTRA publication, Principles of Sustainable Weed Management for Croplands, focuses on helping growers take a sustainable, proactive approach to weed management.

Cover of Living on the Land Curriculum

Living on the Land

Welcome to the Living on the Land: Stewardship for Small Acreages instructors' Web site. This site was developed to help you incorporate small-acreage teaching tools and tips from other instructors. You'll find up-to-date copies of the Living on the Land curriculum. We've also provided lists of Web resources included in the lesson plans that we will update every six months. You can also access training materials and presentations provided by other instructors, the Living on the Land team training presentations used in Bozeman and Albuquerque, a photo gallery and links to supplemental Web resources.

To submit materials for posting to the Web site, send them to Sue Donaldson,, and include any restrictions on use. We're especially interested in supplementary presentations on materials not currently found in the curriculum, such as local case studies, and before and after photos of small-acreage improvements. Please provide the photographer's name and a caption for each photo you submit.