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What is a School Garden?

What's It All About?

Using the garden for an outdoor classroom! It's a great place to have:

  • Science classes
  • Math classes
  • Journal writing
  • Art classes
  • Story time
  • Anytime!

What Can You Do Outside?

  • Sow a veggie garden
  • Create a sensory walk
  • Build an amphitheatre
  • Plant a shady reading spot
  • Establish a worm farm
  • Start a compost

Why Teach Outside?

  • Children and teachers can grow to love the outdoor classroom together.
  • When students grow something outside, they learn to care about their school.
  • Children who have gardening in their lives often learn to eat more healthy foods and get more exercise.
  • School gardening helps to develop problem solving while students learn about conservation and the environment.
Collection of flowers in pots

What do we need to get Started?

  • A school garden can be as simple as putting seeds into pots on the porch, or as big as an Agriculture farm.
  • The important aspect is to give the students real-life experiences. School gardens take the educational process outside!
  • This hands-on experience can bring new excitement to math, science, literature and other subjects.
  • The options for learning in the garden are limited only by your imagination. Even if you don't want to start growing something, you can find a tree to sit under to read a book.