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Food for Thoughts Program

Children's Demonstration Gardens

Children's Demonstration Garden

We have developed a new Children's Demonstration Garden, located at the Lifelong Learning Center. This garden is a place for teachers to come and get ideas for developing an outdoor learning center in their school, while welcoming children of all ages to come and learn how plants grow.

We have two demonstration gardens in the Las Vegas Valley: the first is located at 8050 Paradise Rd., Las Vegas, 89123. The second is located at the Clark County Center for Urban Horticulture, 4600 Horse Dr. Las Vegas, 89129. Both of these gardens offer ideas and information for teachers and families to learn how to grow good food in the desert.

There are many types and sizes of gardens here, with components to invite people, as well as songbirds and pollinators who visit every day.

Teachers can learn that you can grow a place to learn with a small amount of space. We have an assortment of ways to grow plants of various kinds, so that teachers can get ideas for outdoor learning environments of their own.

Some of the unique new components of the garden include a sunflower playhouse, a grapevine tunnel, a lodge-pole tee-pee and many kinds of wildflowers.

We grow grains so that children can see where bread comes from, such as wheat, barley, oats and rye. We grind them annually and let our students taste the multi-grain bread that we make from the grains that grew in our garden.

Peanuts grown in the warm season are a unique plant that is fun to grow, and tasty to eat. We grow these and many other items so that students can see how these things grow before they get to the store.

A Three-Sisters garden includes corn for support, beans to feed the soil and squash to shade the roots. All three plants help each other. Chimes bring music into the garden. During the warm seasons we grow several kinds of beans and 2 types of corn. They are Mexican June (native to Mexico, which grows up to 12 feet tall and can produce up to 7 ears of corn on a single stalk)

Please plan to come and visit the Demonstration Gardens soon. We'll be glad to give you a tour!