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See It, Say It, Play It: Language Development for Young Children

What's in a word? For a young child, a lot. Language development is a key part of any early childhood program. Strong language skills are one of the best predictors of success in school.

What is the workshop about? The See It, Say It, Play It workshop takes participants through a typical day at the Jelly Belly Child Care program. The workshop features useful information on how to foster children's language development, as well as a host of language enhancing activities.

The workshop focuses on children's:

  • speaking
  • listening
  • reading
  • writing

The workshop is designed for three hours, though shorter formats are possible.

Why? The overall goals of the workshop are that participants will:

  • become acquainted with a wide variety of language arts activities
  • gain knowledge about the language development of children and how this pertains to the child care curriculum
  • learn how to carry out a well informed language arts curriculum