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Archived Training

Unlocking the Mysteries of Positive Guidance

Have you ever been puzzled or frustrated by a child's behavior? Did you get stressed at times wondering why the children in your care don't behave as you think they should? One of the most challenging and important jobs of caregivers can be helping children learn social skills.

What is the workshop about? This curriculum provides activities and information to help caregivers of young children to use positive guidance in their programs, teaching children social skills and increasing positive interactions in child care settings.

The workshop focuses on:

  • Goals of positive guidance and discipline
  • Understanding children and guidance
  • How the environment impacts children's behavior
  • Skills and strategies for caregivers

The workshop is designed for three hours.

Why? The overall goals of the curriculum are to increase participants' knowledge of:

  • goals of positive guidance and discipline
  • children and guidance
  • impact of environment on children's behavior
  • ways to set up an environment to decrease misbehavior
  • skills and strategies for positive guidance
  • developmental standards for socially and emotionally healthy children

Who is it for? The workshop has been designed primarily with child care providers in mind, though others may benefit from the training.