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Archived Training

Let's Get Creative: Art Activities for Young Children

Have you ever seen a sand witch? A flying wagon? A square light bulb? Creative thinking is something we often try to foster in child care. Art is one way to help children expand their creative thinking.

What is the workshop about? This fun curriculum provides information and instructions for conducting a workshop for caregivers wanting to foster creativity in young children. And it lets providers stretch out their own creative thinking.

The workshop focuses on:

  • what creativity is
  • what every creative art program needs
  • developmentally appropriate creative art activities
  • troubleshooting potential problems around children and art

The workshop is designed for three hours, though shorter formats are possible.

Why? The overall goals of the workshop are to increase participants':

  • desire to support the development of creativity in children
  • knowledge about the development and importance of creativity and ways in which creative art fits into an overall developmental curriculum
  • ability to identify appropriate creative art activities for young children, ones that promote rather than stifle creative expression
  • use of developmentally appropriate creative art activities in their child care programs

Who is it for? The workshop has been designed primarily with child care providers in mind, though others may benefit from the training.