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Archived Training

Buckaroo Bunny: Steering Kids to Literacy

Is there anything better than seeing a young child curled up in the corner looking at a book? Or a group of children gathered around a teacher, their eyes alive as they follow along with the book?

What is the workshop about? The Buckaroo Bunny hosts this fun curriculum that provides information and instructions for conducting a workshop for child care providers wanting to offer a developmental literacy curriculum.

The workshop focuses on sharing books with:

  • infants
  • toddlers
  • preschoolers

The workshop is designed for three hours, though shorter formats are possible.

Why? The overall goals of the workshop are to increase participants':

  • knowledge about sharing books with children
  • knowledge about developmentally appropriate literacy concepts
  • ability to identify appropriate literacy skills for young children
  • use of developmentally appropriate literacy activities in their child care programs

Who is it for? The workshop has been designed primarily with child care providers in mind, though others may benefit from the training.