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Herds & Harvest

Herds & Harvest | Mentoring

Carol Bishop speaks to class

Northeast Clark County Extension Educator Carol Bishop speaks to class.

The Herds & Harvest program provides mentoring and educational business management help for Nevada agricultural producers.

Developing your formula for success

If you are looking for help developing a return on investment in hoop house production, setting up an enterprise budget or mapping out your cattle and hay costs, we can help.

Using sample costs and returns, our faculty will help guide you in making production decisions and preparing business and marketing plans. The faculty members take into account the production practices and construction costs for such things as hoop houses, and although the costs and materials are not the same for every situation, this mentoring helps agricultural producers consider all the variables that go into setting prices and increasing revenue.

In the case of a hoop house operation, for instance, business planning requires you to consider the cost of installing and operating an irrigation system, controlling weeds and pests, selecting the right crops for your area and market, fertilization, packaging, shipping and sales alternatives. Insurance, returns, capital recovery and other factors are also considered. Naturally, cultivation practices and the cost of land, equipment and services vary by region.

If you are interested in meeting with a mentor to build a specific enterprise budget for your agricultural operation, please contact the faculty member from your area listed below.

In Southern Nevada, call:

Carol Bishop, MS
Extension Educator for Northeast Clark County
Logandale, Nevada
Phone: 702-397-2604

In Northern Nevada, call:

Malieka Landis, MS
Research Analyst, University Center for Economic Development
Department of Economics
University of Nevada, Reno
Phone: 775-750-8577