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In Tune with Kids

Information for Early Childhood Teachers

Many parents want to help their children learn but don't always know how. As an early childhood teacher, you are oftentimes the first one, and sometimes the only one, that parents look to for ideas and advice.

In Tune with Kids extends the quality learning environment of your program into the homes of the families you serve. The materials help families provide fun and healthy learning environments for their children. The fun, easy-to-do activities are just right for busy parents, taking only five minutes a week. Of course, you can use the ideas in your program too.

The activities are an excellent way to expand on the learning you already provide and will be especially helpful to the children and families you serve. Because parents will find the information helpful, an important link is established between you and the parents of the children in your care.

How To Use The Materials

The activity sheets can be distributed in any manner suitable to your needs, such as:

  • Give an activity sheet to parents when they pick up their children.
  • Send an activity sheet home with children.
  • Enclose in your billing statement.
  • Send with your newsletter.
  • Place them in racks or on bulletin boards for parents to pick up.
  • Use them at parent education meetings.

It Works!

Parents - As a result of the program, parents said that they:

  • tried at least some of the suggested activities at home
  • provided more learning activities
  • spent more time with their children
  • had more positive interaction with their children

Early Childhood Teachers - With their involvement in the program, providers:

  • rated the curriculum as useful to extremely useful
  • rated the reactions of parents as either very positive or positive
  • used at least half of the activities in their own programs
  • received comments from parents that parents were using the activities with their children, the activities were fun, that children enjoyed the activities, and that the project was a good idea

Taken together, the evaluation results indicate that this program has been an excellent way to help parents provide developmentally enriching stimulation for their children.

Over 300 child care programs and agencies have used the materials. We hope you find them useful, also.