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Family Storyteller

Literacy of Language Games & Activities

Here you will find links to several fun literacy and language games for adults and children to do together. Just click on the type of skill you want to focus on, print, and have fun!

Concept Sort - The ability to group items and concepts on the basis of similarities and differences.

Alphabet Knowledge - Learning about the names and shapes of letters, and that they must be formed in particular ways.

Vocabulary Growth/Spelling - Expansion of the number of oral and written words children know and use; for beginning readers/school-agers, this growth will often take the form of expansion of spelling skills.

Concept of Story - Understanding that stories have a typical sequence, often including a beginning, middle, and end.

Letter Sound Knowledge - Understanding of the basic sounds of individual letters.

Phonological Awareness - The ability to pay attention to, identify, and manipulate various sound segments of speech, including rhyme, alliteration, syllables; and the ability to segment words into sounds and to blend sounds into words.

Emergent Writing - The ability to manipulate writing instruments to draw pictures and form lower and upper case letters, as well as words, sentences, and eventually coherent stories.

Concept of Word in Text - The ability to identify specific words, word sequences, and sentence structures in text.