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Raising Your Relative's Kids

Helpful Links

There is an increasing awareness of the needs of grandparents, siblings and other relatives who are suddenly taking on the care of children who are not their own. Many organizations are trying to help meet these needs with information. Below you will find helpful links. As more become available, they will be added.

  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren is a federally run website that provides information on lots of topics, including grandparents who find themselves raising grandchildren. This page has plenty of links for more information.
  • Children in Foster Care with Parents in Federal Prison
    This is a guidebook for child welfare agencies, federal prisons and residential reentry centers to help meet the needs of families where a parent has been in federal prison.
  • Kinship/Relative Care
    The National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections at Hunter College has a page dedicated to kinship care and links to resources on legislation and training.
  • Clark County Department of Family Services: Kinship Liaison Program
    This Issue Brief published in 2009 explains the Kinship Liaison Program within the Clark County Department of Family Services and explains the need that the program was designed to address.
  • Caring Communities Demonstration Project
    The Clark County Kinship Liaison Program was part of a grant-funded project to demonstrate the value of supporting family members who agree to care for their relatives' children. The scholarly papers on the project are published here.