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Raising Your Relative's Kids

Behavioral or Emotional Issues

Person hugging child.

Some children, whether parents, relatives or others raise them, have emotional problems or difficulty in controlling their behavior or making good decisions. A child whose parents cannot raise them or be a source of comfort and support may experience issues related to separation or abandonment. These issues may appear in the child's behavior. He or she may cling to you or to other adults, or may not attach to you at all. The good news is that research shows that children who are raised by their relatives have better outcomes than those who are raised in other foster homes, especially if both children and caregivers receive counseling.

Untreated, severe emotional problems are a common cause of a child failing to remain at home, even a home intended to be permanent. Untreated emotional problems can also result in difficulties in peer and sibling relationships as well as having an impact on a child's ability to function in school and social settings, causing strain and stress on you, the relative caregiver.

Many relative caregivers have expressed the need for assistance in effectively managing behavior and emotional problems and in knowing when to seek help and where to get that help. If you are wondering if your child is adjusting normally, it is wise to discuss your concerns with a professional you respect who also knows your child.

To better understand the difficulties your children may be going through and how to get help, follow the links below:

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